Shirly Gilad CCHt, BCBA, FNP, MS, RCHom

Shirly Gilad is an accomplished practitioner with multiple degrees. She has knowledge in both traditional medicine and complementary practices. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. She holds graduate degrees in nursing, clinical nutrition and homeopathic medicine. Shirly is also a behavioral analyst and an expert in assessing behaviors and changing dysfunctional patterns. Shirly studied in the United States and worked at a large clinic in New York that provided comprehensive treatment for cancer patients. Shirly then owned a successful practice for homeopathic medicine and nutritional consulting for many years in Israel. Upon her return to the United States in 2004, Shirly focused on studying behavior and the importance of the relationship between the person and his surroundings. The study and practice of hypnosis is yet another important enhancement to the comprehensive services that Shirly offers, and the most effective tool for change and transformation in her opinion.

About shirly

My approach:

In order to achieve well being we must integrate the health of our mind and our body .A person is too often viewed as a sum of his parts rather than a whole being. We want to get better, but we don’t know how. Sometimes we know what we need to do but we cannot seem to get ourselves to do it. Possibly we are unhappy in our relationships. Maybe our children are taking over our lives, or a boss at work is treating us horribly and we cannot figure out what to do to stop it. There is all this physical pain and emotional suffering to deal with and no clear solution. We are tired and frustrated. We eat the things we know are wrong for us and not because we are hungry. Or maybe we smoke or drink to relieve the stress. How can we move forward with all these things standing in our way? With the right help, It is possible to do just that.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a state of increased awareness and openness to suggestion that allows you to access your sub conscious mind and achieve effective changes in a short time. I had seen in my practice amazing results achieved using clinical hypnotherapy in just a few sessions. It is a powerful tool for changing health on all levels; emotional, mental and physical. Clinical hypnotherapy can be used effectively to change long term habits, to alleviate anxiety, to improve auto immune disorders and so much more…Learn more about what Clinical Hypnotherapy can do for you.


Mindfulness and meditation provide you with tools and skills to consciously manage your life with more calm and ease. The practice of mindfulness when combined with hypnosis brings you an incredibly powerful way of bringing change and transformation into your life. As you transform your mind you find that your life truly changes. Any habit, fear, emotion and action that in the past were your go to, yet were not at all what you wanted, can be changed when you train the conscious mind in mindfulness and the subconscious mind in hypnosis. This Mindful Hypnosis process I created does exactly that. If you would like more information on mindfulness and what it can do for you you can read it here.

Behavioral Analysis

What drives our behavior? What makes us do the things we do? This is what the science of Behavioral Analysis studies.

Do you find that you make the same mistakes? Repeat the same patterns? Are you getting the results that you want to get from your interactions with the people in your personal life? Your professional life?

As a behavior analyst I am trained to look at what triggers the behavior, what is the behavior itself and what are then the consequences to that behavior. Once you break the behavior to it’s components you can change the different aspects of it and achieve the results you desire. Read more on how I can help you using Behavior Analysis here.

Integrative Hypnotherapy

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Nutrition: Food is medicine

What we put into our body is SO important. What we eat effects our health on all levels. Physical, emotional and mental. If your eat well your body and your brain work better, it is as simple as that. If you do not treat your body with the respect it deserves it is sure to backfire with disease, mood changes, and cognitive problems.

I help people learn to eat the right way for them. I make it easy for my clients. They come to me often after years of poor relationship with their food and eating and i help turn it around for them. Nutrition is essential to your health.

Homeopathic Education

Homeopathy is a form of medical practice that was created by a German physician. In the past there were medical school in the US that taught homeopathy but those days are long gone. The beauty of the system of homeopathy is that it is highly individualized and natural. Ten clients with Asthma can go see a homeopath and each will receive a different remedy matched to him/her specifically.

The process of the homeopathic interview is very thorough and the practitioner gains very detailed knowledge of the person seeking the help. This is not a ten minute visit to the doctor…Homeopathy is a highly personalized way of helping people and as such, very effective. Homeopathy is an amazing way to promote healing.

I make the connections and help you establish the patterns that stand in your way. I use the multiple tools in my tool box to help remove these obstacles and improve your physical, emotional and mental health. I am a hypnotherapist. I understand behavior. I know nutrition. I have the background in medicine, conventional and complementary. I can help.

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