Organic Food? Is it worth it?

Should we eat organic Is food? The answer lies in this question: What is artificially added to our food and how may it harm us? Do you know? Pesticides and insecticides, Hormones, and antibiotics. All of these are not present naturally in the fruits, vegetables, grain, milk, chicken, fish and meat t

What’s Wrong With Dieting?

“I am going on a diet tomorrow!” How many times did you say that to yourself or did you hear one of your friends say that. Dieting; more often than not the statement itself spikes a wave on anxiety combined with a sense of approaching doom. Did you find that on that same day you […]

Let’s Talk About Love

It is Valentine’s Day. We make a point to stay home on this day. Restaurants are crowded and movie tickets are hard to come by and to be honest we are not too thrilled with this whole commercialized love business. We do appreciate love, very much so. So, what is the driving force behind this [&hel

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