Eating to Prevent Cancer

Eating to Prevent Cancer

Do you know someone that was diagnosed with cancer? Of course you do. Cancer is very prevalent and scary. Eating to prevent cancer focuses on a specific aspect of cancer, the blood flow that nourishes and allows a few cells to become a tumor. Without it most kinds of cancer will simply not develop. This process is called angiogenesis. I am focusing on foods that truly constitute eating to prevent cancer but you. Can also read on what not to eat in this guide to life after cancer here. (more…)

Don’t Just Survive – Take Charge with Hypnosis For Cancer

Hypnosis for cancer is a multidisciplinary approach.

The healthiest body and the most conscientious individual can still find themselves diagnosed with cancer. Being diagnosed with cancer is undoubtedly life-altering and can become the central focus of a person’s life once they receive the news. Hypnosis for cancer encompasses our holistic approach to health and well-being and can support you and help you on your road to wellness, both throughout your treatment as well as post-treatment. (more…)

Hypnosis helps with breast cancer surgery

Hypnosis helps with breast cancer surgery

Breast Cancer Surgery and Treatments

Breast CancerFacing breast cancer and surgery is difficult on all levels. So many emotions come into play. Dealing with the diagnosis of cancer and the fear it provokes is heart wrenching. Having to undergo surgery and the anxious feelings this elicits adds yet another layer of difficulty.

I accompanied a friend yesterday to her chemo treatment. A woman sitting next to her started talking to me and telling me her story. She spoke of her day to day struggle with her illness and the treatments. She spoke of how the surgery was really just the beginning of the long road to recovery. She explained how she feels that her life is now depleted of joy.

She is tired, sad, and feeling weak and discouraged. (more…)

Surviving Cancer: Improving Life After The Diagnosis

The pink ribbon for surviving cancerWhen diagnosed with cancer your life is now forever changed. Actually your life, as well as the lives of the people that care about you, forever change. Surviving cancer becomes the goal, it takes over, and while different people tackle this task in different ways, the challenges are similar.

“You can be a victim of cancer, or a survivor of cancer. It’s a mindset.” – Dave Pelzer

Being a cancer survivor is indeed a mindset but how to achieve the right mindset?

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It’s National Cancer Prevention Month – Live Clean!

National Cancer Prevention month reminds us to live clean and stay healthy

Do you know someone that had cancer? Do you know someone that has cancer? Of course you do….Support National Cancer Prevention Month!

This past week two of my friends were diagnosed with cancer. I have friends that are cancer survivors and friends that did not make it. I have many clients with cancer and I feel deeply for them and their families. Of course the best thing to do is to prevent the disease. And yes, you can live clean and still get cancer, or live “dirty” and never get it, but living clean is just good for you anyway, so you might as well get on board… (more…)

Mind Body Connection: The Key to Better Health

Why is connecting mind body crucial in order to live a healthy life?

mind body connection is essential for health. Hypnosis Boc Raton helps promote mind body connection.

I just listened to a lecture by Dr. Gabor Mate, and also read an interview with him. Dr. Mate is a Canadian physician, author and speaker who sees Mind Body connection as the only way to truly understand illness. This is what he has to say about cancer and how it is related to emotions: (Research shows that) “People who developed malignant melanomas often tended to be people who didn’t express emotion in a healthy way and who suppressed or repressed their anger. Those are risk factors for illness. We know that. 

The repression of anger suppresses the immune system as opposed to healthy expressions of anger. It’s not a question of philosophy.” addiction-holocaust-disease-trauma-recovery (more…)