The One Strategy for Surviving the Holidays

The One Strategy for Surviving the Holidays

There is a secret to surviving the holidays. I want to share this with you and you can actually tell everybody. Listen carefully because this is simply an incredible life changing and behavior altering strategy to help you surviving the holiday and bring back life quality. When you adopt it, you find that you do amazingly well; during this holiday season and every day for the rest of your life! Here goes: all you need to do is remember that your life starts right now. (more…)

Eating to Prevent Cancer

Eating to Prevent Cancer

Do you know someone that was diagnosed with cancer? Of course you do. Cancer is very prevalent and scary. Eating to prevent cancer focuses on a specific aspect of cancer, the blood flow that nourishes and allows a few cells to become a tumor. Without it most kinds of cancer will simply not develop. This process is called angiogenesis. I am focusing on foods that truly constitute eating to prevent cancer but you. Can also read on what not to eat in this guide to life after cancer here. (more…)

Don’t Just Survive – Take Charge with Hypnosis For Cancer

Hypnosis for cancer is a multidisciplinary approach.

The healthiest body and the most conscientious individual can still find themselves diagnosed with cancer. Being diagnosed with cancer is undoubtedly life-altering and can become the central focus of a person’s life once they receive the news. Hypnosis for cancer encompasses our holistic approach to health and well-being and can support you and help you on your road to wellness, both throughout your treatment as well as post-treatment. (more…)

Self-Love: Body Image and Hypnosis

We are bombarded with images of the perfect body from our earliest childhood and these images are ubiquitous as we progress through our teenage years on into adulthood. It is no wonder that many men and women question if their body fits the ideal body image, or if there is something they could be doing “better” to achieve that desired look. As a result, our confidence can take a hit and we feel uncomfortable in our own skin. In an era where Photoshop creates inhuman bodies and social media apps ask us to “swipe right” if you like what you are looking at, we need to practice mindfulness to help us appreciate and take care of our bodies in a way that is best suited for us. You are good enough- and by incorporating hypnosis into your life you will be able to quiet the “noise” of popular culture as it relates to body image.

Chances are even your most beautiful or fittest friend has moments where they are not comfortable with their body. Self-doubt, uncertainty and in some cases envy sneak into our internal narrative, corrupting the image we see when we look in the mirror. There is no better time than now to start loving your body and training your mind to appreciate the person you see looking back at you. Our hypnosis practice will help you to combat some of the body image media fodder we either consciously or sub-consciously absorb each day. We help train your brain and bring you peace and acceptance helping you realize that there really are a million reasons why you should love your body, instead of being ashamed of it.

Start appreciating the body that carries you around! Body image hypnosis coupled with our other services such as nutrition education will provide you with a holistic approach to your health and your relationship with your body. After all, body image acceptance starts in the mind, not the mirror; by changing the way you think about your body and giving you the tools to best support your body, your overall relationship with the person you see in the mirror each day can only improve. A healthy body image means that you truly accept, appreciate, and even love the way your body looks and everything it can do for you; it does not just mean that you only tolerate the way you look.

To start your journey towards a positive body image, try implementing some of these daily practices:

  • Dress in a way that makes you feel good about yourself, in clothes that fit you now
  • Be aware of how you talk about your body when in conversation with friends and family: Do you only focus on your physical appearance?
  • Be mindful of the messages you choose to listen to that come from the media. Are they helpful? Are they true?

Our practice of body image hypnosis helps elevate your understanding, love, and acceptance of your body. Rewrite the dialogue and change the vernacular in the way you talk and think about your body! Hypnosis is extremely powerful and creates a change from within. It allows you to achieve inward focus which will allow for a heightened ability to accept suggestions for change and growth.

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Omega 3 fatty acids, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

These fatty acids are ESFish oil capsules and fish tail in brown jarSENTIAL. Being ESSENTIAL means our bodies cannot make them for us and we must get them from our food or as a supplement. You heard of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. You know that they are good for you. You probably know that you can get them from eating certain fish. Here are some questions that you probably want answered: What is so important about Omega 3 Fatty Acids? Is it enough to get them from food? And how much fish is safe to eat? Who should take a supplement of these fatty acids and why? What is the right amount? (more…)