The Truth About Past Life Regression

A door to past life regression hypnosisI am not sure what I feel or think is the truth about past life regression. I know that for some people there may be an immediate association with some voodoo kind of work or perhaps magic… I will tell you that there is nothing furthest from the truth. As I am writing I am now into the second day of the 5 day practitioner training: Dr. Brian Weiss past life regression, and I am having a very illuminating time. I deal with the subconscious mind in my hypnotherapy practice every day and I am now learning even more about the subconscious mind and its infinite wisdom. I am sure as the days go by I will add more and finish writing once I am back home, so be patient with me….

A Few Words About Dr. Brian WeissProfessional training with Dr Brian Weiss in past life regression

To those who never heard about the man; Dr. Brian Weiss is a world-renowned psychiatrist, author, and speaker with a very impressive resume. He is a graduate of Yale University and for many years he was head of psychiatry at Mount Sinai hospital in Miami. In short, he was certainly at the core of very conventional medical practices. His experience with a patient he calls Catherine, and her unintentional past life regression, changed his perception and his life. You can read more about that and the work he does in his various books, and on his website. Catherine knew information about his personal life that was not at the time available anywhere. Unlike today, in the 80s it was not possible to google and find out everything about everyone. Dr. Weiss was convinced, somewhat against his will and very active left brain, that there is something there that is beyond what he could logically explain. Dr. Weiss past life regression therapy is now practiced in all corners of the earth.

My Path of Exploration

Somewhat like Dr. Brain Weiss I tend to have a very scientific mind. I would say I am left brain with a good dose of right brain sprinkled in. I am always a skeptic but a skeptic with an open mind. Over the many years that I have been in practice, I added skills and degrees to my resume. I always did this because I, or someone close to me, had a very unique life-changing experience with that specific modality. Homeopathy saved my daughter, behavioral analysis (and homeopathy) changed my son’s life, and hypnosis changed my own life by taking away my fibromyalgia pain and thus introducing me to a healing tool that allows me to help people in remarkable ways. So I felt it was time to delve deeper into this area of past life regression. Dr. Brian Weiss past life regression training seemed like a great way to further explore what I was already doing, and indeed it was.

Impressions and Experiences

Changing lives with Dr Brian Weiss training in past life regressionBut let me give you some firsthand impressions of Dr. Brian Weiss past life regression practitioner training. If you had the pleasure to attend one of Dr. Weiss’s seminars/ one-day events you know how he can captivate a crowd of thousands. Well, in this small group environment, at the tranquil setting of The Omega Institute, we were treated first hand to his dry sense of humor, his great storytelling abilities but what was most striking is his humbleness. There was truly not even a hint of arrogance or grandiosity in this very very famous man and it was simply heartwarming. If he thought for one minute that something he said may be interpreted to mean that he is better than anybody, or more than anybody, he would immediately make it very clear that this is not so. His wife Carol helps teach these 5 day trainings and together they make a formidable pair, formidable in a loving, kind, and good way.

Dr. Weiss past life regression training at Omega, according to the man, has the purpose of primarily training practitioners, but also, in his experience, remarkable things happen during these weeks. Healings, past life experiences, connections between people, and the power of the energy of a hundred and fifty people coming together to seek knowledge in different ways.

Dr. Weiss says that “the earth is like a one room school house with first graders and eleventh graders all in the same room and this can cause many many problems”. I interpret this to mean that different people are at different stages of their spiritual path and spiritual development. And while we are all here sharing the space, we may need to accommodate each other’s different developmental stages. So the need for love, compassion, and forgiveness comes to mind.

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The First Group Regression

We had our first group past life regression. As I was lulled into deep relaxation by Dr. Weiss’s voice I found myself stepping through a door and into a huge arena. Looking at my feet I was wearing some kind of sandals, leather straps, my legs masculine. I turn to look at the arena and I see a huge crowd. They are all cheering me. I smile, feeling very proud. I am wearing some kind of white tunic laced with gold at the borders and an intricate helmet. Metal with gold decorations. A face plate goes down from the helmet and covers a part of my face. I am carrying a spear and a sword. Ready for battle, adrenaline coursing through me, my heart full of excitement. It is a show. I am the crowd’s favorite. I feel the love and adoration and I am ready…..

Now we are guided in the regression to go to our last day in that lifetime and I feel a little disappointed. I wanted to stay and see what happens next. As I look at the last day I am looking from above. My soul already left my body. I look down as if from a cliff at the battlefield below me. I see my body lying there, a sword in my chest. I think to myself that it was a good life and that I died as I lived, ready for battle. There are no regrets. All is well. Just the end of a life. The feeling stays with me as I am coming back to the here and now. Feeling very peaceful.

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Fantasy or Reality?

Imagination you say? Maybe. It felt very real. When Dr. Weiss is asked if these past life regression experiences could be just imaginations, he usually answers: “Does it matter?” but the emotion that is attached to these very vivid impressions seems to be so strong, so real. He also says that the presence of the emotions should tell us that it is probably more than just fantasy. I think that only when you hear first-hand accounts about people that remember very specific historical details, or people that can suddenly speak a language they never learned, only when you hear these accounts, you find it very hard to explain how imagination is at the root of their experience. Dr Weiss past life regression is such an incredible way to experience things.

Practice Makes Perfectdr brian weiss past life regression at Omega

I was asked by some of the participants of  Dr Brian Weiss past life regression training to work with them after that day ended. Some wanted me to show them techniques and explain how I do things. Others felt they needed more one on one type attention in order to have a deeper experience. We were very much encouraged by Dr. Weiss to practice on one another. I walked into the Main Hall a little late that afternoon. Isabella from Italy and Chen from Australia were already deep into a session. People come from all over the world and from all walks of life. From laymen to psychiatrists. Dr Brian Weiss past life regression therapy and trainings seemed to have truly spanned the world. I have received permission to use the names and the stories of specific participants but I have chosen to alter the names to protect their privacy.

As Isabella took Chen into trance Chen started speaking about a life as an angel. It was amazing to listen to her English improve tremendously while in the hypnotic state. Less of an accent and more fluidity in her speech. We proceeded to listen to an angel 101 course. Again, imagination or truth? I don’t know, but it was close to two hours of detailed descriptions of the world of angels. I have it all recorded.    

Meeting Loved Ones Over and Over Again    

Isabella asked me to help her with her own past life regression. She wanted to know about her relationship with her current boyfriend and if we can go to a past life where they were together. She complained that she did not see things in detail in her past experiences so she asked if I could take her into a deep trance state. All past life regression experiences are shared here with permission.

As the scene cleared for this past life regression, this is what Isabella saw. Isabella saw herself as a young girl, blond, and very pretty. She just woke up, she is wearing a night dress, white, and going down the stairs of a large wood frame home. She is alone. The house is quiet. She is looking for her father. She sees him outside, he is then coming back into the house. As her father comes in from the outside she runs into his arms. The feeling is of such great happiness. Her whole face lights up. She is clearly delighted. I ask about her mother. Her mother later comes in from working in the garden. She feels strongly connected to her father but less so to her mother in that life.

Isabella recognizes the father. He is the boyfriend in her current life. She feels great connection and love to the father in that life as she does to her boyfriend in this life.

According to Dr. Weiss, often we “travel” through lifetimes with the same people and they may come in different roles, different genders etc.

I ask Isabella to fast forward to the next significant event in that life. She sees herself possibly sixteen and at school. A serious young woman who loves writing. There are more houses in the community now. School is coed. She has friends but not any one specific person that she is close with.

We move forward and she is older now. Dressed very well. Working at a bank. Not married. She was never really interested in marriage and kids she tells me. She sees herself as a very strong and independent woman. Her father dies during that scene and she experiences great sorrow. She is sobbing. Losing him was a very difficult time. We process her emotions and talk about this loss. We discuss how her father came back to be with her in this lifetime, as her boyfriend, so now she can let go of the grief, knowing they will see each other again. Her crying subsides and she feels better.

I ask her to go to the last day of her life. She is sitting in a wheel chair ready to die. Feeling it is her time, she sees a great light and her father is there, coming to get her. She feels such peace and joy being united with her father as he reaches for her.

I take Isabella out of the trance state and she gives me a great big hug. She feels the experience of this past life regression was very beneficial for her. Very healing.

Dr. Weiss thinks that whatever comes up in our mind is important and therefor it does not matter how real it is, or how many details you can verify. What’s important is that the person you are working with is benefiting from the process of the past life regression. So here is the next past life regression: This is Lydia’s story.

Our Fainting (no more) Future Physician

Lydia is a 24 years old woman that came to the training with her mother and her mother’s friend. Lydia is starting Medical school in the fall and her desire is to be an OB-GYM doctor. There is only one problem: Lydia faints when she sees blood. Not a good problem to have when you are going into medicine. She asked for my help with understanding why she has this and how to clear it. I explained that this problem (vaso-vagal syncope) can be helped greatly with standard clinical hypnotherapy work. Nevertheless I was happy to guide her into deep relaxation and a past life regression.

As the scene cleared for Lydia she found herself standing in a town square in what seemed to be old Dr Brian Weiss past life regression training and experienceEurope. Lydia describes her clothes, the basket she is carrying and the cobbled streets. She sees people on the street, one man pushing a wheelbarrow with some hay on it. It is nighttime and the streets are dark. There is no electricity or cars. She is waiting for her brother. Her brother is her best friend. He is older than her. He comes towards her and she feels great joy when she sees him. As they walk together towards their home, out of nowhere come three attackers from a side alley. She is pushed to the side. Helpless. Watching in horror as they beat her brother up. She screams and people come to help. The attackers flee but she can see her brother’s eyes and she knows he died. She is crying, devastated, feeling guilty and helpless. She knows she cannot help him. His eyes lifeless. His body limp. Great sadness in her heart.

I ask her to go forward to the day of his funeral. As she goes to that day I ask her to view the funeral from above and look at the scene. She describes it in detail. Together we process the feelings of guilt and helplessness. She recognizes that there was nothing she could do. She also recognizes that her older brother in that life is her younger brother in her current life. We talk about how the loss of her older brother was not permanent. How they came to be together again in this life. And we discussed how the terrible helplessness she feels when fainting is similar to the feeling of helplessness she had when watching the attack.

I ask Lydia to go to the next significant event in that life. She is lying in bed. She is giving birth. There is pain and blood and so I instruct her to look at the scene from above. To distance herself from the pain. She describes it to me. There is a lot of pain and so much bleeding. She sees herself die from the blood loss. It is very emotional. She makes the connection that bleeding to her is equal to helplessness and death.

I ask her to go forward and hover from above and see what happened to the baby that was born on her last day in that life. Looking at her son, she sees he is three years old now, a chubby boy with blonde curls. She can see he is well taken care of by her mother. All is well.

We process all that we learned. Lydia is ready to let go of her fears and her fainting. I later learn that she has an extremely close relationship with her younger brother.

As Lydia thanks me, I thank her. I feel such joy from going through the process with her. I find that to have the trust of another person, to be included in the intimate details of their lives,  is truly a great honor.

All Good Things Must Come To An End, Or Do They?

I can tell you more about the experiences but I think you have a taste of the week I spent in Dr  Brian Weiss past life regression practitioner training. I decided while there, that I would offer these experiences in a group setting upon my return. While not everybody has an experience the first time they go through the process, the shared stories from the group are an experience in itself.

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The Last Lesson I learned from Dr Brian Weiss Past Life Regression Training

Dr Brian  Weiss said: “If you heat us up with the energy of love we all become spirit”.


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