Do you know someone that was diagnosed with cancer? Of course you do. Cancer is very prevalent and scary. Eating to prevent cancer focuses on a specific aspect of cancer, the blood flow that nourishes and allows a few cells to become a tumor. Without it most kinds of cancer will simply not develop. This process is called angiogenesis. I am focusing on foods that truly constitute eating to prevent cancer but you. Can also read on what not to eat in this guide to life after cancer here.

It is remarkable that 40 percent of women between the ages of 40 and 50 actually have microscopic cancers in their breasts, about 50 percent of men in their 50s and 60s have microscopic prostate cancers, and virtually 100 percent of us, by the time we reach our 70s, will have microscopic cancers growing in our thyroid.

Cancer Cells Are Constantly Forming; Preventing Cancer Growth Is Crucial. Eating to Prevent Cancer is THE ANSWER.

Cancer cells are forming in our bodies all the time but for the most part our immune system manages to identify them and neutralize them. Angiogenesis is the process of growing blood vessels. Blood vessels are the vessels of life but also, potentially, the vessels of death. The body regulates the growth of blood vessels using a system of stimulators and inhibitors. In certain diseases, such as cancer, angiogenesis goes out of balance. Angiogenesis is the hallmark of cancer.

A tumor must have blood supply in order to grow. Without blood supply most cancers will never become dangerous to the person that is carrying them in their body. Once blood supply is established the story takes a very nasty turn. Preventing the blood supply from reaching the cancer is a crucial defense mechanism of the body.

So, if we could cut the blood supply to the cancer cells would that not be a wonderful solution?

Indeed, many developments have been made in the field of antiangiogenic therapy.

Avastin is one such drug that had been FDA approved and is used for breast and ovarian cancer. There are different drugs now, using this principal, for different kinds of cancer. Sadly, once the tumor is big or if the cancer had metastasized we are often too late to stop the progression of illness even with these new drugs.

It is rather upsetting that usually the diagnosis is only made once the tumor is big enough to detect, and blood supply to the cancer is already well established.

Preventing Angiogenesis Will Prevent The Growth Of Most Cancers

So what can be done to prevent this faulty angiogenesis? What can be done to not even let cancer get to that dangerous point?

Eating to prevent cancer is THE ANSWER!

Dr. Li looked at the fact that diet accounts for 30-35 percent of environmentally caused caners and then looked at what in our diet may be naturally antiangiogenic. In short, what can we eat or what supplements can we take in order to inhibit abnormal angiogenesis. You can watch the complete talk using the link provided but I compiled a list in order of effectiveness for you and you can find it below.


Food and supplements that are proven to inhibit abnormal angiogenesis:

  • Vitamin E
  • Green tea combined with white tea (works better together!!!!)
  • Turmeric
  • Glucosamine
  • Lavender
  • Citrus
  • The Brassica family (Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Bok Choy…)
  • Red grapes/Resveratrol
  • Garlic
  • Soy
  • Berries
  • Parsley


three baskets with blue berries, strawberries, and raspberries, eating berries is one way to reduce the risk of cancer
Eating to prevent cancer foods are many with tomato one of them

There is more research out there regarding foods that contribute to inhibiting faulty angiogenesis.

One such study looked at lycopene and prostate cancer.

Lycopene is found in tomatoes and the study concluded that “Dietary intake of lycopene was associated with reduced risk of lethal prostate cancer and with a lesser degree of angiogenesis in the tumor”.

The list above is a good start.

  • Eat organic berries.
  • Take a Turmeric supplement and/or use Curcumin in your cooking.
  • Drink white tea with green tea instead of drinking each of these teas alone.
  • Use fresh organic parsley in your salads and sprinkle it generously over your cooked dishes.
  • Garlic is heavenly in so many ways, don’t be shy with it.
  • The Brassica family is wonderful stir fried, fresh or lightly steamed.
  • Tomatoes sliced, chopped, cooked, sun-dried, or in any other form, are a great addition to any dish.

Have fun with your food and keep yourself out of harms way.

Be mindful of what you eat. It may be a matter of life or death!