End Of Life Care

All Lives Come to an End

It is a difficult realization that our loved ones are here only temporarily and so are we. This is a time when end of life care is crucial.

  • We often try to avoid thinking about death and dying until we find ourselves faced with the reality of it.
  • Sometimes even the reality simply does not register.
  • Our very capable minds can create all kinds of stories.
  • We know that hope, as well as denial, are exceptionally powerful.

It is all part of the process.

End of life care supports individuals, families and friends as the time is coming to say the final goodbyes.

I have set many times with a dying person. Some dear friends and others I only met in their process of dying. I find it a humbling duty and an important service to offer the comfort of presence and possibly the solace of words during this challenging time.

Supporting the Dying Person and Those Who Suffer

I feel strongly about the importance of support for the dying person and for those that are suffering during the departure of their loved one. So much so that I have enrolled in a program to become a Buddhist Chaplain. Roshi Joan Halifax and the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe NM are my guiding light.

What is the Role of a Buddhist Chaplain?

The role of the Buddhist Chaplain is to provide spiritual care-giving to persons of all faiths and beliefs. Guided by the true desire to alleviate the suffering of us humans as we go through life and death.

Being Present with an Open Heart and Understanding the Process

Different people need different things. This is true for the dying person and true for their loved ones. I support with an open heart, as I follow the wishes and needs of those that ask for my services.

As a medical professional I understand physiological processes, as a mindfulness teacher I know to be present, as a hypnotherapist I grasp the power of the mind, and as a human being I humbly offer my help in supporting others during this difficult time.


End of life care is not like any other service I offer. I do not follow the same structure and I allow for great flexibility.

This service is provided on donation basis.

Please contact me directly to assess your needs and my availability.

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