dog and cat underneath the Christmas tree, symbolizing how holiday stress can be managed with mindfulnessThe holiday season is upon us. If you are struggling at times and feel holiday stress, you are not alone. The practice of mindfulness can greatly alleviate the hurdles that stand in the way of a happy, hopeful, and cheerful holiday season.

Learn how to tackle and overcome holiday stress with the help of top mindfulness practices. Here is a wonderful way to start the year on the right foot.

Holiday Stress: Take the Challenge Out of the Holidays

  • Are you burdened by financial requests and gift giving?
  • Is the abundance of food triggering issues with eating?
  • Is it all just too much work?
  • Do you feel that you are doing so much and others are not contributing?
  • Do you feel alone and lonely?

Tip #1  Mindful Observation

Notice your thoughts and feelings

Whatever it is that rises in you observe it, recognize it and label it as you let it go and shift your thoughts and emotions to what serves you best. This is the first step to thrive in the holidays.

Look at this time of the year as a great opportunity to practice balance in your life.

A great opportunity for staying true to yourself.

  • Maybe you feel stress or anxiety, or possibly it is sadness that comes up.
  • Are you missing a loved one?
  • Not being able to be with the people you would have liked to be with….
  • Being with people you would rather not be with….

As these feeling come up acknowledge them and then shift to a place of calm and peace. A place in your imagination, a spot you loved on a vacation, a happy memory you would like to bring up.

Take a few deep breaths and bring yourself to the present moment.

  1. To your breath.
  2. To how your feet connect with the floor.
  3. To the fact that you are alive and can experience all that.
  4. Find the things that are good in your life.

Tip #2:  Mindful Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is crucial for your well-being every day and especially during difficult times.

This can make a huge difference when surviving the holidays!

  • Focus on all that you are grateful for.
  • All that is going well.
  • Be conscious of the beauty, the love, the friendships, your pet, your children, your body that carries you around, the food on your table.

What happened today that you are grateful for?

Make a commitment to yourself this holiday season to appreciate things in your life small and large and focus your attention there.

wrapped present in white box and blue bow, Mindfulness tips for the holidays

Tip #3: Mind Your Expectations

Expectations are like balloons just waiting to burst, and you the kid looking at the deflated balloon, your day ruined.

  • Give that kid a big hug and manage your expectations.
  • Be mindful of your desires.
  • Look deep within and see your true self. You are human and you are lovely.
  • What do you want? Really want?
  • What do you need? Really need?

Is it possible to let go and accept what is. Not only accept, enjoy.

Plans change, things happen, if you can alter what happens and bring more joy and happiness go ahead, yet if you cannot, notice and let it go.


Tip #4: You Are Important: Mind Yourself!

Stay true to yourself.

Be authentic.

  • If you feel sorrow and need support, seek that support.
  • If you feel anxious and stressed take the time to meditate more, or start a meditation practice.
  • Possibly a walk on the beach, or tea with a friend is what you need.
  • Make sure you take care of you and as you do things become clearer, emotions more positive.
  • If you are keeping a journal, writing is a great outlet.
  • Make sure you end each day writing and thinking about something you are truly grateful for in you.

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Tip #5: Mind Your Relationships

Compassion and forgiveness are the essence of living mindfully in this world.

What better time to practice this than during the holiday stress season?

  • Old family feuds, friends that have disappointed, this or that slight that you are carrying with you. Let it go now as you bring yourself back to the present and to your breath.
  • Choose the people you spend time with consciously and let go of all emotions that do not serve you.
  • Find it in your heart to forgive and see the suffering of those that may have hurt you.
  • This does not mean accepting behavior or words that do not suit you. It does mean that you project back love and compassion as you create a boundary around you, loving and protecting yourself.


The holidays are a time of celebration. A time to come together with love and gratitude.

  • Make this holiday season a time for happiness as you live consciously and mindfully.
  • Doing your best.
  • Helping yourself first and then others.
  • Managing holiday stress smoothly and consciously.

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