What is homeopathy? Homeopathic Medicine was developed as a system of healing by a German Physician named Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

The person is viewed holistically. A remedy is matched individually to you and that remedy is the one best suited for your physical, emotional and mental symptoms. There are thousands of remedies and the process of matching the person and the remedy requires skill, knowledge

alternative medicine with homeopathy and globules

and years of experience. Taking the remedy will initiate a process of healing from within. The concept is somewhat like what we think of as a vaccine, just in this case only natural processes take place.

A homeopathic remedy, when well matched, will remove blockages on the physical, emotional and mental levels and help you embark on a road of healing that is unique to you and answers to your own unique issues.

Ten different clients may come in and complain of the same problem but each of these people may very well receive a different remedy. The beauty of Homeopathic Medicine lies in the deep understanding that no two individuals are exactly alike.