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What Is Resilience?

Before we discuss how to build resilience let us consider for a moment what resilience is…

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficult or challenging situations. In the physical world it is a the quality of elasticity that allows a substance to regain its original structure. You can easily see how this applies to our minds and how we respond to events that happen in our lives.

When you think of resilience in these terms you can see how this quality can be greatly enhanced by both hypnosis and mindfulness. Hypnosis trains the subconscious mind while mindfulness works with the conscious mind. Bringing them together in Mindful Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for resilience training.

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How To Build Resilience?

These are points taken from the American Psychological Association

  1. Avoid seeing crises as insurmountable problems. …
  2. Accept that change is a part of living. …
  3. Move toward your goals. …
  4. Take decisive actions. …
  5. Look for opportunities for self-discovery. …
  6. Nurture a positive view of yourself. …
  7. Keep things in perspective. …
  8. Maintain a hopeful outlook.


Resilience is an attribute that you learn to enhance in yourself!

I am finding that in my personal life using mindful hypnosis certainly provided me with a growing capability of regaining my balance when life throws a curveball at me.

Look at the different points highlighted by the American Psychological Association…

How do you view a crisis in a manner that actually supports a solution or maybe the way to go is developing the ability to surrender if nothing can be done?

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How To Build Resilience With Mindful Hypnosis

When you look at the points made by the American Psychological Association it becomes easy to see how these skills can be developed and/or enhanced by mindfulness and hypnosis.


1. Avoid seeing a crisis as an  insurmountable problem.

With hypnosis and mindfulness you take charge of your mind and you can view reality and choose your responses in the manner that serves you and those around you most.

2. Accept that change is part of living …

An essential principle of mindfulness is the understanding of the impermanence of it all. Change is simply part of life. We may like or dislike it at times but it is here to for us to deal with. Accepting change allows you to handle challenges in a manner that is most advantageous to you.


3. Move toward your goals. …

With Mindfulness and hypnosis you learn to live as close to reality as possible with little exaggeration or overreaction. Setting your goals for how to handle a challenge or a difficulty helps greatly in how to build resilience.


4. Take decisive actions. …

Taking charge of your mind, subconscious and conscious, allows you to bring about decisive actions.


5. Look for opportunities for self-discovery. …

Ask yourself: “What is a wise choice in this circumstance?” “How do I respond/act in a manner that is aligned with my values to bring about the best possible outcome.


6. Nurture a positive view of yourself. …

When looking at a situation with wisdom, attending to what is truly important and recognizing your inner resources, you allow yourself to be the best version of yourself and handle things better.


7. Keep things in perspective. …

Isn’t perspective everything? Equanimity, staying balanced and even, and avoiding exaggeration is a very effective way of developing and building resilience. The practice of meditation is crucial to the development of this skill. In meditation you learn where to place your attention and you can meditate to develop specific skill sets.


8. Maintain a hopeful outlook.

This item is more is certainly in the mindful hypnosis realm. We want hope but hope that is grounded in reality. Hope that rests on true possibilities. Hypnosis trains your mind to go again and again in the right direction. Mindfulness trains your mind to see things as close to reality as possible. Together these tools truly help building resilience.

Resilience is a predictor of success in all areas!

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