Hypnosis for Food Addiction in Boca Raton, Florida

Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Food Addiction

The jury may still be out regarding food addiction, but I can tell you that it is very real for those who suffer from it. You can read more about the current thinking and research here http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/812650 We need food for survival but what happens when food becomes a reward you can’t do without? How is it that seven cupcakes are not enough, and despite that horrible full feeling in your stomach you take one more? Are you hiding your unhealthy eating? Lying about your eating to your partner? Feeling horrible guilt after not being able to control yet another binge? I understand and I can help. Come see me at Integrative Hypnotherapy in Boca Raton and we will put together a plan to help you that will work on your addiction using a multidimensional approach. We will employ behavior techniques, nutrition, clinical hypnosis, and life skills. I will coach you every step of the way. Addiction is a lonely experience. Let me take the burden from you. There is help with food addiction if you are ready to take that step.

“I am a big fan of Hypnosis and Mindfulness with Shirly Gilad. From the moment I walked into the center for the first time I understood that my experience would be meaningful and a great use of my time. Shirly’s holistic approach to mindfulness is unique. Her focus is holistic utilizing her background in alternative and traditional medicine. Shirly uses a variety of modalities including nutrition, homeopathy, hypnotherapy to tackle the challenges that everyone wrestles with. I have recommended Integrative Hypnotherapy to so many of my friends for issues ranging from weight loss, fears and phobias, menopause, cancer, self-esteem, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and more. I was not sure what to expect when I first began this mindful journey, but I can honestly say that within just a few sessions with Shirly Gilad I was able to approach the challenges I faced with more clarity, self control, intention and calm.”

~Ivy Dash

November 19th 2017

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