Hypnosis For Nervous System Disorders

The brain is a complex and wonderful organ that benefits us greatly as long as it is working well. Truly this central command center is exceptional until we are encountered with nervous system disorders. Nervous system disorders can disrupt our lives in minor or major way. From barely noticed cognitive decline that may be a natural part of aging, all the way to life debilitating illnesses such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer. At times we are faced with a system that is over responsive. This can manifest as tics, spasms and twitches.

You can read more about using hypnotherapy for nervous system disorders in this chapter from the Handbook Of Clinical Neurology


Here is the story of Amanda.

Amanda’s mother passed away from ALS. Her illness started with muscle twitches and spasms and when Amanda started experiencing the same symptoms, of course she panicked. Amanda’s physician referred her to me after all the testing showed no abnormality, and therefor no treatment options.



Nervous System Disorders and The Power Of The Mind

You might not realize how powerful your mind is, yet it is exceptionally powerful.

You may take a look at your own life and notice that if you just imagine a situation you experienced, or a place you visited,  you can have a clear vision of it, completed with taste, smells and emotions. Just think of something you love to eat and imagine eating it and notice the sensations in your mouth and the feeling it may bring. This is you providing “suggestions” to your own mind.

With clinical Hypnotherapy the hypnotherapists provides suggestions for your mind that when accepted create true transformation.

In this way hypnotherapy can be exceptionally helpful for nervous system disorders. It can be adjunct therapy for what conventional medicine has to offer, or act as an aid when there are no solutions in conventional medicine. The treatment of the symptoms themselves as well as the anxiety associated with them is very effective.


The Integrative Approach and Mindful Hypnosis

I bring together multiple system approach.  My clients learn from me mindfulness practices that help them cope with the challenges that they are faced with daily. I educate on proper nutrition following the most recent research. I create a behavioral plan to make life structured and manageable. This partnership I have with my clients is a unique approach to healing. It is very effective.

Hypnotherapy for brain and nervous system disordersI am here to help you with  my hypnosis services. Please contact me for your 30 minutes free phone consultation by clicking on the number below to schedule.


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