Hypnosis for Surgery Pain in Boca Raton, Florida


Hypnosis for Pain: Post-Surgery Pain

 Surgery, whether minor or major, requires an all systems approach. You need to prepare emotionally and physically. Are you fearful of the anesthesia? Worried about the results? Concerned about your diagnosis? Is post-operative pain a concern for you? If you are planning on surgery, consider the services of Integrative Hypnotherapy with Shirly Gilad and the Hypnosis for Pain program in Boca Raton.

Clinical hypnosis has been proven to help reduce anxiety before surgery as well as reducing pain and recovery time after surgery. Possibly you will need less pain medication, sleep better and go home feeling stronger. The research clearly shows that hypnosis works for surgery patients. Read about it here.

“I was introduced to Shirly by my yoga teacher when I shared with her my fears and the stress consuming me regarding the outcome of an upcoming major surgery. It has been the most difficult and stressful 3 months in my life. Shirly has been there for me every step of the way, especially when I needed her most. She helped me handle the fear, the pain and was and is still an amazing support for me. I had major surgery and was able to manage the pain using only Tylenol and no prescription drugs whatsoever.Shirly has also helped restore my confidence and my ability to trust myself in making the correct decisions when needed for moving forward with extended treatment.The biggest benefit has been her sincere interest in my welfare and her concern for my well-being. Shirly is a very compassionate and genuine person; she is caring, knowledgeable, and intelligent. She willingly shares the many resources and knowledge she has gained through her years of experience.I would recommend Shirly to anyone who is faced with difficult decisions, pain, (either physical or emotional) or stress related challenges. I can only sum this up by saying ‘I trust her implicitly.’ She has become a trusted friend. ”

Hypnosis for pain brings relief

Unique practice of Integrative Hypnotherapy provides a multi dimensional approach to hypnosis for pain. Did you know that nutrition is also very important during this time? Preparing your body before the surgery and post operative is crucial for your recovery. I can help you with both and will guide you through this difficult process, to make it as easy as possible.

Hypnosis services are available in the clinic for locals and over Skype for national and international clients.

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