Hypnosis Boca Raton – Why I Offer Hypnosis In Palm Beach County

I had opened the clinic for hypnosis in Boca Raton, South Florida with a very clear vision in mind. I wanted to provide the people in my area with access to an incredibly effective tool for healing. Hypnosis Boca Raton is a place for anyone who needs help in changing their lives for the better.

Hypnosis Boca Raton is a unique service

In my local practice, hypnotherapy and hypnosis are used not as a stand-alone service but as a complete package of behavior interventions, nutrition education, and holistic health and of course, the highly effective hypnosis. Look at my hypnosis services page for the wide range of services I offer.

When you think of Integrative Hypnotherapy or hypnosis in Boca Raton, South Florida, think about a one stop shop. I am grateful to be able to offer all these services under one roof, Integrative Hypnotherapy. The power of the subconscious mind is unleashed through hypnosis but that is just the beginning…

Hypnosis Boca Raton is the location if you want to see me in person. If you are coming from far I will help you find appropriate accommodations. I do offer Skype sessions as well if you are unable to, or prefer not to travel.

When you come to see me at Integrative Hypnotherapy for hypnosis in Boca Raton, South Florida, the sky is the limit. I will work with you using every part of my extensive education and experience to provide you with solutions that are both quick and effective. If it is anxiety that disables you, my hypnosis for anxiety is the answer. I listen to you, look at you as a whole person, and provide you with quick and effective solutions.

For many of my clients, it is not just one problem. They often have multiple issue that needs to be addressed. Suffering from chronic pain and also weight gain related to the pain? Hypnosis for pain, hypnosis for weight loss, and behavioral interventions with nutrition education will help you get better and back on track.

Hypnosis Boca Raton, Florida by Integrative Hypnotherapy and Shirly Gilad

Are you in South Florida, but still too far from Boca Raton?

No problem! Save time and money by scheduling an online hypnosis session.

Are you facing the diagnosis for cancer or perhaps the aftermath of surgery and treatment for cancer? I use my comprehensive hypnosis for cancer program to find solutions that are specific to you.

There are other hypnosis and hypnotherapy providers, but none with the unique combination of skills that I put at your disposal. The way I combine hypnosis, behavior, nutrition, and homeopathy is unique to my practice and you will observe the results in the profound changes occurring in your health and in your life.My hypnosis services page can give you an idea of all that I can help you with. If you do not see your specific problem on that page, do not despair. Call me to see if I can help.I will do all I can to assist you.

My clients are my best publicity and their testimonials speak for themselves. Hypnosis Boca Raton has helped many achieve their goals. Marci says: “Shirly Gilad encouraged my self- discovery. Through her multi-faceted approach to working with me mind- body- and spirit, she has helped me to feel empowered to make the changes necessary to move forward in my healing process. Finding Shirly has helped me find myself”. Pam says: “(I) have hardly had any anxiety and am losing weight! Shirly has given me the tools to help me through this incredible journey for which I am eternally grateful.”

It is my path to help people get better and I do it wholeheartedly. Hypnosis in Boca Raton, South Florida, provides a safe place for people with health concerns to come and seek help for their troubles.

There are other hypnosis and hypnotherapy providers, but none with the unique combination of skills that I put at your disposal. The way I combine hypnosis, behavior, nutrition, and homeopathy is unique to my practice and you will observe the results in the profound changes occurring in your health and in your life.

I think you will find the following blog posts interesting and of relevance to you.

Integrative Hypnotherapy provides hypnosis in Boca Raton, South Florida, to those who seek life and health transformations. Come see me at Hypnosis Boca Raton.

Are you ready to transform your health and your life? Click below and schedule your complementary session:

Transform Your Mind with Mindful Hypnosis Package

You begin your partnership with me with the Transform Your Mind package.

The Mindful Hypnosis package includes: Three double hypnosis session of one hour and 45 minutes each. Two customized self-hypnosis recordings 30-40 minutes each. Nutrition and homeopathic education if applicable. Mindfulness tools and practices.

After a conversation with me we determine the best way for me to help you. You then fill the required forms sent to you and I schedule you. The three hypnosis sessions take place over 3-5 weeks and allow for a process of transformation to take place.

Your investment for the Initial Transform Your Mind Package is $990.

All immediate family members of existing clients are entitled to a 20% discount on this package.

Any follow up mindful hypnosis session after the initial package are discounted 20% and are $264.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Macie Collins

I was introduced to Shirley’s practice through my mother. My mom decided to become a yoga instructor within the last couple years. Although she is not a client of Shirley’s, the two of them frequent similar seminars in the area and while listening to her speak on the subject of mindfulness during a luncheon, my mother recognized Shirley’s technique was a very different approach to the more common talk-therapy that I am accustomed to and haven’t found success with.

I struggle with anxiety (specifically as it relates to school but also social; at times it can be paralytic) and I’ve dealt with depression in the past. I’ve been through conventional therapy and been on anti-anxiety/depressant medication to treat it but nothing ever seemed to make a difference for me.

Initially, I think I was cautiously open to hypnotherapy as I related it to hypnosis (which are two very separate ideas). More than anything I just really wanted to find a practical way to deal with the anxiety. I am a controlling personality by nature so I just felt I wouldn’t be able to let my mind go and be accepting to Shirley’s method. I was so surprised to ‘wake up’ and come to find my first session was already done. I wasn’t sure I’d be receptive but I was fully able to drop into my subconscious and when I came back to I already felt an overwhelming sense of relief. Like a weight was lifted off my chest.

I’ll say that having somewhat of a background in yoga and/or meditation (even if it’s the most basic level of experience) 100% helped me get the most out of Shirley’s therapy.

If you are battling something within your own mind and can’t find a solution I highly recommend Shirley’s therapy. I haven’t known her for long but the practices she has taught me and the way they’ve allowed me to grow, focus, and balance out my well being as it pertains to my mental health will stay with me for life. Not to mention she’s just an easy person to be comfortable around. She’s highly knowledgeable on multiple subjects, extremely emotionally intelligent/intuitive, accepting/understanding and she provides you with the most comfortable environment.

Macie Collins

All Hypnosis Services are available as online or local hypnotherapy sessions as well.

You can also simply sign up for our Customized and personalized Hypnosis recording and get your own MP3!

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