Hypnosis for Anxiety in Boca Raton, Florida

Why use hypnosis for anxiety?

Anxiety is very unpleasant and anxiety is contagious. This overwhelming sensation of apprehension and tension creeps upon you sometimes without warning and it just takes over. It could be triggered by something you are aware of, or you might just wake up in the morning feeling anxious and miserable, really miserable. 

Hypnosis for anxiety has been used therapeutically with great results for many years and has a long history of providing help with coping with anxiety. I often see people that suffer from anxiety and live with anxiety for many years. Anxiety can be related to every day issues, to dealing with chronic illness, to stressful relationships but by definition, anxiety is an “intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Often, anxiety disorders involve repeated episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety and fear or terror that reach a peak within minutes (panic attacks)”

I came to seek services from Shirly Gilad and Integrative Hypnotherapy because I had been suffering from anxiety for about a year and a half, and along with having anxiety I had some serious stomach issues as well. Shirly helped me by talking my mind out of the anxious state it was trapped in through the hypnosis. The remedies she suggested to me also helped me with releasing some of my anxiety as well as helping my stomach and digestive issues. Definitely the biggest benefit is having a mind that is finally at ease. I was so trapped in a cycle of panic and anxiety and now my mind no longer feels stuck in that place anymore. In addition, by the end of our sessions I know longer suffered from a lack of appetite or an excessively queasy stomach. I absolutely recommend the services of Shirly Gilad and Integrative Hypnotherapy. ~Molli Rose Glickman

Hypnosis for test anxiety

Test anxiety is very specific. You can be fine in other areas of your life but suffer from sever anxiety before and during tests. This condition prevents you from showing your true potential and it is very frustrating. You are bright. You know the material well but the minute you sit down to take that test your system goes into high alert, it is as if the test poses a real threat to you and you feel paralyzed.  I have had clients that could not sleep at all for one or two nights before the exam. I have had clients that would sit to take a test and suffer heart palpitations and a great desire to get up and leave. Sadly enough, anti-anxiety medications taken before a test often reduce your ability to recall information and process problems properly. Very often this condition gets worse over time. People become anxious about becoming anxious. It is a vicious cycle. Well, there is a solution for your problem. I will implement behavioral techniques to help you cope as hypnosis for anxiety that is specific to your test anxiety. We will discuss some calming supplements that you can take that enhance your cognitive abilities while calming your nervous system. The results are quick and effective. In as little as three sessions we can get you on a path of successful test taking.

What is unique about Integrative Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for Anxiety?

You don’t want to live this way. You tried medications and they help somewhat but not enough. You are frustrated. You don’t understand why you feel this way and how to stop feeling this way. The treatment of anxiety is complex and may require a plan that includes medication, behavioral modifications, natural supplements and other interventions.
Integrative Hypnotherapy offers a unique program that brings together hypnosis for anxiety, behavior analysis, supplements and homeopathy. As a family nurse practitioner I understand the medical part of this disorder. As a behavioral analyst I can help you with day to day interventions, the nutrition supports you nervous system in calming down, and the hypnosis for anxiety brings it all together to create quick and highly effective results.

“Had life time of anxiety and would never go out
After 3 sessions I am back in the gym
driving out of West Palm and not waking up
wondering if I am going to have an attack

Life may just be beginning
Thank you Shirly” Hank Bloom

Let me help you train your brain to calm down, let me help you find the coping mechanisms to use when these anxious feeling rise. There are ways to do this and I will guide you on a path to a less anxious and more peaceful existence.Hypnotherapy for anxiety works.

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Hypnosis for anxiety
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