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Hypnosis for Cancer Boca Raton, Florida

Helping clients with cancer and clients that are cancer survivors is especially near and dear to my heart. I have participated actively in the care of friends and family that suffered from this illness. I have extensive background in the field. I worked as the family nurse practitioner and homeopath at a large cancer clinic in New York State that specialized in complementary medicine. This is my hypnosis for cancer is so important to me.

Why use hypnosis for cancer?

The word cancer in itself is so scary. We all know someone who had it or has it and now it is you that got the bad news. It is devastating.
Life changes forever with the diagnosis of cancer.

At first you are just overwhelmed with the diagnosis and yet, you don’t get a minute to catch your breath: Doctors’ appointments, decisions to make, treatments, dealing with your family, work…. The emotional roller coaster takes you from hope to despair sometimes in the span of minutes. You are affected on every level of your being. This is where hypnosis for cancer comes to your aid.

I can provide you with a comprehensive care plan. It is not only getting the hypnosis for cancer itself but when you come to me you have the benefit of combining my nursing training, hypnosis, nutrition, homeopathy and behavior, I can make it more manageable and provide you with the comfort of talking to someone who understands you and can actually help you with your day to day struggles. I put you back in control of the roller coaster. Hypnosis and cancer will not interfere with any treatment you are currently receiving.

Read my blog on surviving cancer and learn more about strategies to cope with life after the diagnosis.

“I was introduced to Shirly by my yoga teacher when I shared with her my fears and the stress consuming me regarding the outcome of an upcoming major surgery. It has been the most difficult and stressful 3 months in my life. Shirly has been there for me every step of the way, especially whenever I needed her most. She helped me handle the fear, the pain and was/is an amazing support for me. I had major surgery and was able to manage they pain using only Tylenol and no prescription drugs whatsoever. Shirly has also helped restore my confidence and my ability to trust myself in making the correct decisions when needed for moving forward with extended treatment. The biggest benefit has been her sincere interest in my welfare and her concern for my wellbeing. Shirly is a very compassionate and genuine person; she is caring, knowledgeable, and intelligent. She willingly shares the many resources and knowledge she has gained through her years of experience.I would recommend Shirly to anyone who is faced with difficult decisions, pain, (either physical or emotional) or stress related challenges.I can only sum this up by saying” I thrust her implicitly” She has become a trusted friend. “ RL

What can hypnosis for cancer do for you?

Hypnosis for cancer is unique because it answers to the complicated and special needs of the cancer patient or cancer survivor. There are so many aspects that you may need help with. Very often there is a lot of anxiety and fear associated with cancer and cancer treatment. Hypnosis for anxiety is an especially beneficial treatment that was proven repeatedly to work in the scientific literature. Read this link for more information  after our second session I will provide you with a self-hypnosis tape made just for you. Customized to your needs.

Are you facing surgery? Or possibly suffering from post-surgery pain?

Hypnosis for cancer takes care of this aspect as well. Utilizing effective techniques of hypnosis for pain you will find quick and effective relief. It is also possible that your cancer is causing you pain. The same techniques will help you deal with acute or chronic pain, regardless of the cause. The power of the mind is truly incredible. I help you harness this power for your own healing. Read an example of the plentiful hypnosis and pain research here.

Nutrition is an essential component of your recovery and healing when diagnosed with cancer. Hypnosis for cancer provides you not only with hypnosis but also with nutrition education to help you maximize your efforts to regain your health. Nutrition is medicine, this is true. By making the necessary changes to what you eat and how you supplement what you eat you can make great steps towards health and gain a tremendous advantage.

hypnosis for cancerIf you are a women that went through surgery after a cancer diagnosis, body image issues are often soothing that you need to deal with. Your body had changed and you must learn to live with your new body. It may feel differently and it may not feel right. Hypnosis for cancer can greatly help with body image issues. You deserve to be happy with yourself.

Faced with the diagnosis of cancer, many people turn to reflection and spiritual connections. Spirituality can often help cope with the demands of the illness and with the way the future looks. I can help with that as well.

“I was diagnosed with cancer and without Shirly’s personal and professional support I would not be where I am today. Throughout the ups and downs of my diagnosis, surgery, and treatments she was there for me to guide me and help me. Shirly Gilad’s vast knowledge in many areas helped me greatly in understanding the disease process……Her guidance in nutrition was priceless and her recommendations still guide what I eat and the supplements I take to date.” Sara Radberg

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I would love to help you. I have the skills and I am passionate about this work.

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