Local and Online Hypnosis for Grief in Boca Raton, South Florida

Hypnosis for Grief

Why Use Hypnosis for Grief?


#1 Grief Is A full Mind, Body and Heart Experience

Losing someone close to you is a very difficult experience. The loss can be due to death, to estrangement, or even to an illness that robs you of the person you used to know… Grief is an experience that is felt in so many ways.

  1. Your mind can repeatedly go to very difficult thoughts and emotions.
  2. Your body can experience it as pain, exhaustion and illness, a disrupted sleep pattern.
  3. Your heart can physically hurt and feel broken. Hypnosis for grief can help all aspects of your life as you go through this difficult time.

We support you in multiple ways. Mindfulness and hypnosis are both incredible tools for healing. We are here to help.

#2 Avoiding Grief Is One Strategy…

Who is to say what is right for a certain person in certain circumstances? For some people  a way of coping is by staying busy, overworking,  permanently on the run. Nevertheless it is right there, under the surface, still affecting you in so many ways.

If you notice yourself

  • not doing well, not sleeping well,
  • irritable with friends and family,
  • quick to anger with strangers,
  • all while you are running around keeping busy,

know that you may benefit greatly from hypnosis for grief. 

#3 Self Medication Your Sorrow

Often times we pretend we are strong and able to move on when we are not.

  • We use alcohol, smoking, or food to sooth us but this does not work long term.
  • Staying at home and isolating ourselves pretending we don’t need anybody and we are OK when we are not also does not help.

There is a process that takes place and it is impossible to avoid.

On the other hand it is possible to go through this process with a helping hand. Using hypnosis, mindfulness, and even nutritional support, you can benefit from hypnosis for grief to nourish you and guide you during this difficult time.


7 Ways In Which Hypnosis for Grief Helps

  1. Finding inner peace again
  2. Minimizing the unbearable intensity of sadness
  3. Discovering methods for self care
  4. Finding ways to reconnect with the beautiful positive memories of the loved one
  5. Increasing overall sense of well-being
  6. Moving on with your life without guilt
  7. Empowering you to live your life to the fullest
Holding hands suppporting in hypnosis for grief

Are you in South Florida, but still too far from Boca Raton?

No problem! Save time and money by scheduling an online hypnosis session.

In the office hypnosis for grief with client
Maria Jurgens, December 2021

I am not someone to post reviews, but Shirly and these experiences are an exception, and I hope I can encourage any skeptic to try her hypnosis therapy sessions. I had experienced a massive trauma, and my nervous system, no matter how much ‘logic’ and ‘reason’ my conscious mind had, was on high alert constantly, waiting for the next catastrophe. Under this, of course, are fears, grief, and so many subconscious reflexes that traditional therapy, though helpful to some extent, couldn’t touch. Shirly is personal. She listens, hears your words, but has a gift to hear what isn’t said. A gift, decades of experience, learned insight…. I can’t pinpoint it and it doesn’t matter. She makes me feel more myself, more centered, calm , trusting. I was beginning to think I would be stuck forever. Having these recordings to listen to has become a practice I look forward to, and I’m confident that the progress I am making is due to these sessions. I was hesitant to invest in “zoom” therapy, but those concerns were almost instantly dismissed with noise cancelling headphones, the handy “do not disturb” icon, and being able to feel her genuine care and presence. She is helping me reset a lifetime of subconscious beliefs and thought patterns. The more I read and learn about the power of our subconscious, it becomes even more clear how impactful this therapy can be for so many people. I was initially very skeptical but here I am typing a google review, urging strangers to experience what I have! Shirly is a gem. 💜


Maria Jurgens, December 2021

Transform Your Mind with Mindful Hypnosis Package

You begin your partnership with me with the Transform Your Mind package.

The Mindful Hypnosis package includes: Three double hypnosis session of one hour and 45 minutes each. Two customized self-hypnosis recordings 30-40 minutes each. Nutrition and homeopathic education if applicable. Mindfulness tools and practices.

After a conversation with me we determine the best way for me to help you. You then fill the required forms sent to you and I schedule you. The three hypnosis sessions take place over 3-5 weeks and allow for a process of transformation to take place.

Your investment for the Initial Transform Your Mind Package is $900.

All immediate family members of existing clients are entitled to a 20% discount on this package.

Any follow up mindful hypnosis session after the initial package are discounted 20% and are $240

All Hypnosis Services are available as online or local hypnotherapy sessions as well.

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