Online Hypnosis Sessions

The Ease Of Online Hypnosis Sessions

I have been offering online hypnosis sessions for many years now. You can imagine how with the Corona pandemic my online hypnosis services became crucially important.

My clients reside on both coasts of the United States and I see people from all over the world as well. Technology creates this incredible freedom to meet with me from wherever you are.

Having the full gamete of my hypnosis services online allows people of different abilities, mobility, and distance to have access to this tremendously powerful tool.

The effectiveness of online hypnosis is as great as the effectiveness of hypnosis sessions in the office!

You save on travel time, on gas, on standing in traffic, and from the comfort of your own home or office you receive quality care!

 Online hypnosis session and hypnotherapy services are the way of the future and in fact the future is already here. There is something so nice about finishing your session and being able to continue your relaxation, no need to get back into your car. You are already home.

Ready to Change Your Life With Online Hypnosis?

1. The first step is having a conversation with me. You can easily schedule your 30 minute phone call using this link.

2. After we speak and get to know each other a little bit I will send you some forms to fill out that are all digital and are HIPPA compliant for your confidentiality.

3. We schedule your first three online hypnosis sessions and together we step on a path towards change and transformation!

Meanwhile listen to and enjoy the free guided mindfulness meditation below to get to know me and my work a little better.


Are you in South Florida, but still too far from Boca Raton?

No problem! Save time and money by scheduling an online hypnosis session.

In the office hypnosis for grief with client, local hypnosis session
Maleah Wilson June 2020

I cannot recommend Shirly enough. I have done a lot of personal development and healing but was not seeing the results I was hoping for. In 3 sessions Shirly and I were able to dynamically shift what I was not able to do myself. We worked online via Zoom. Her holistic approach to my health was very reassuring. We talked about nutrition, mindfulness, and we used hypnosis. She checked in with me throughout the week in between sessions and she still does follow up with me. She can support you with so many different areas of concern-weight loss, fears, self-esteem, cancer, chronic pain, autoimmune issues, anxiety, depression. She makes me feel completely comfortable even through zoom. It was great to be in the comfort of my own home! Call her.

Maleah Wilson June 2020

A Pause

One Space For Support, Connection, And Healing

“I have been very, very fortunate to be a client of Shirly’s via ZOOM during this entire Covid “stay at home” period. I will continue to be a client because of the positive results I Continue to experience!

Shirly has a tremendous blend of knowledge, compassion and professionalism!

I’ve had several decades of traditional counseling and it pales in comparison to Shirly’s technique! 

I strongly recommend her approach and methods!

Going forward I will stay with her via ZOOM as I’ve come to prefer being at home rather than traveling to Shirly’s offices.”

Tim Connerty May 27th 2020

Transform Your Mind with Mindful Hypnosis Package

You begin your partnership with me with the Transform Your Mind package.

The Mindful Hypnosis package includes: Three double hypnosis session of one hour and 45 minutes each. Two customized self-hypnosis recordings 30-40 minutes each. Nutrition and homeopathic education if applicable. Mindfulness tools and practices.

After a conversation with me we determine the best way for me to help you. You then fill the required forms sent to you and I schedule you. The three hypnosis sessions take place over 3-5 weeks and allow for a process of transformation to take place.

Your investment for the Initial Transform Your Mind Package is $990.

All immediate family members of existing clients are entitled to a 20% discount on this package.

Any follow up mindful hypnosis session after the initial package are discounted 20% and are $264.

All Hypnosis Services are available as online or local hypnotherapy sessions as well.

You can also simply sign up for our Customized and personalized Hypnosis recording and get your own MP3!