I believe in creating a hypnosis tools kit for my clients. An imaginary box with different methods and practices that allows my clients to do well independently.

I am always available for the people that seek my help and yet I find that the best way for me to help others is to teach them the skills they need to help themselves.

Do you know the old Chinese proverb? “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime”.

What can be more empowering than learning ways to take charge of your own mind as you transform your life?

I find that there are many tools I use and they come from different disciplines. I would like to tell you about the top tools I often teach my hypnotherapy clients.



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What Are Hypnosis Tools?

Hypnosis tools are simple and quick ways for accessing the subconscious mind in order to create change and transformation. Taking charge of your own mind is an incredible gift and once you learn how to do it, it can be applied to any challenge you may be facing in your life.

  • Letting go of bad habits,
  • creating healthy patterns in relationships,
  • following and achieving business and life goals

all of these and more become accessible when you take charge of your mind..

Disrupting Patterns Seem Impossible …

People often know exactly what they are doing wrong and yet it may seem to them that disrupting the pattern and creating a new and healthy way of being is impossible. I cannot tell you how often I hear from people “I have no will power” or “I always choose the wrong people…” Well, this happens because it is not our logical mind that runs the show, what runs the show is the subconscious mind.

Learning New Ways for Increased Happiness

The good news is that there is a way to fix this and it is not difficult or complicated. You simply need to learn a few skills and everyone can. In fact I have worked with kids as young as 6 years old, across all ages, to adults aged 95 years old. You are never too old to bring more health and happiness into your life!


Learning Hypnosis Tools Is Available Online or In-Person!

I have been working online with hypnosis clients all over the world for years. I find that the treatment is very beneficial, as much as it is when people see me in person. Research shows that cognitive behavior therapy is as good on the phone or over Skype as it is face-to-face for some mental health conditions. We offer hypnosis services in many areas of emotional, physical and spiritual health.

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The 9 Most Useful Quick Hypnosis Tools

  • Quick Self Hypnosis
  • Riding the breath
  • Bi-lateral stimulation
  • Faster EFT
  • Mindscaping by Mike Mandel
  • The Reversing Fear/Habit Technique
  • Anchoring
  • Thoughts Redirect
  • Mind changing by story telling

Take Charge Of Your Mind And Tranform Your Life By Lerning These Amazing Tools.

Learning and using these hypnosis tools will provide you with the skills you need to successfuly enhance every aspect of your life.

What Can You Do With These Tools?

Every one of the hypnosis tools on the list provides a useful way of creating calmness and increased awareness. This allows the person to create and bring the mind to a positive and beneficial state.

You know that your perception of any situation greatly influences how things turn out. Just imagine how much better life can get when you notice before you react and then have the opportunity to choose your response!

Some of the tools come directly from traditional hypnosis teachings and others are adapted from the fields of

  • neuroscience,
  • mindfulness,
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP)
  • other traditions.

We are all similar in many ways and yet we may require the tools that truly resonate with us in order to become the best versions of ourselves. I find that people often end us using more frequently 2-3 of the multiple tools in the hypnosis tools kit. These become there ‘go to’ in situations that in the past were challenging and now are simply situations they know how to manage so much better.

  • Quick self hypnosis allows you in a minute or two to go into a safe space within yourself and assess and choose your response.
  • Riding the breath is an incredible tool that adjusts your physiology, allowing you the transformation of stressful situations and greatly help with anxious feelings as your heart rate normalizes and your breath guides you.
  • Bi lateral stimulation an incredible calming tool that draws it’s roots from how our brain functions.
  • Faster EFT relies on old wisdom originating from Chinese medicine. The method I teach is a combination of traditional and innovative techniques. It shifts the mind into a positive state. You know that when we feel better, you simply do better, on every level.
  • Anchoring teaches you how to anchor yourself in a state of mind that is beneficial for you.
  • Redirecting your thoughts is a mindfulness practice that is incredibly powerful for achieving your desired outcome and goals.
  • Harnessing our imagination in story telling is simply remarkable. You tell yourself stories all the time. Some support you and some do the opposite. Tell the story that supports you!
  • Noticing the story and shifting the story line to be beneficial and productive is priceless.

It is an amazing feeling to be in charge of what happens in your mind!



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