Hypnotherapy sessions online work!

We spend so much time online, how about making it worth your while? It is time to take advantage of this amazing ability to connect anywhere in the world and get the assistance you require. With hypnosis sessions online you can reach your goals and make great progress.

What can be easier than getting the help you need from the comfort of your own home?

Instead of traveling far in the pursuit of change and transformation simply set a time and day that works for you with a practitioner that is skilled in providing you with all the tools you need.

This is not a hypnosis recording download!

This is a real session live with a clinical hypnotherapist!

Shirly Gilad of Integrative Hypnotherapy, Boca Raton and online therapy
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The Initial Transform Your Mind Package:

  • 3 double hypnotherapy sessions online, each between 90-105 minutes
  • 2 customized hypnosis recordings
  • Coaching and guidance
  • Nutritional and Homeopathic Education if applicable
  • Mindfulness tools for every day challenges
  • Self hypnosis skills

Wondering if Hypnosis Online Sessions Are As Effective?

I have been working online with clients all over the world for years. I find that the treatment is very beneficial, as much as it is when people see me in person.

Research shows that cognitive behavior therapy is as good on the phone or over Skype as it is face-to-face for some mental health conditions. Telemedicine in general is flourishing with services becoming available to people that are home-bound or simply prefer to save the travel and waiting time. Hypnosis sessions online are simply a way to access services that is efficient and effective. All you need is an internet connection or a cellphone and you are all set.

Check out our hypnosis services and remember you are not limited to that list.

It is the way of the future and now available to you!

It is as if you have me right there with you…


Shirly Gilad of Integrative Hypnotherapy with a patient, Hypnotherapy Sessions Online Using Zoom, Skype or Face-time

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