woman with long brown curly hair, white blouse, flower tattoo and red flower in her hair, Balancing your masculine and feminine energy is your gift to yourself

I am dedicating this article to all the amazing women in my life. Let us look together at the energies that govern us, the forces that drive us, and find a way to be happy and free. Let us be true to ourselves, balancing masculine and feminine energy and embracing everything and everyone that make us whole.


Things Every Woman Wants to Know About Balancing Her Masculine and Feminine Energy

* What is masculine and feminine energy?

  • How do you tap into these different aspects of you?
  • How do you harness and balance these forces within you to bring joy?

We All Have Both Sides

According to the law of gender, everything in the universe has a feminine and a masculine side. Feminine and masculine energies are just one aspect of this duality. This is considered to be one of the universal laws. There are several universal laws, the number of laws change with different sources. If this is something you are curious about you can read more here.

* How does it pertain to us women? How does it affect us?

In the western world, we’ve certainly come a long way toward equality between men and women. Nevertheless, things are far from even. The model for success is still dominated by the masculine. In the business world, female CEO’s are often compared to their male counterparts according to their masculine attributes. I don’t think I ever read a news article a celebrating the intuitive powers of a female CEO….

You Can Be Good as Any Man …

We are taught that “we can be just as good as any man” but you can see how this statement is faulty at its core. Why should we be like any man? I never heard anyone say to a boy: “Oh, you can be just as good as any woman….” As we look at masculine and feminine energy, and what defines masculine versus feminine traits, it’s clear that even in the advanced Western World, the masculine energy is regarded as more valuable.

And yet, is it?

* How do masculine energy and feminine energy differ?

  • The masculine is usually associated with ambition, competition, risk taking, strength, and analytical abilities. Also with a certain lack of emotional awareness, or maybe an emotional feminine and masculine symbols connected with each other, Balancing masculine and feminine energy leads to more harmonious lifetoughness. This is the “penetrating energy”, a take-over…
  • The feminine is often associated with emotional expression, vulnerability, intuition, creativity, love, softness, receiving and accepting, maybe a giving-in….

Are You Masculine or Feminine?

These are of course generalizations regarding masculine and feminine energy and you may feel a little offended by the list, both as men and as women. Of course I do not mean to offend as I propose to you that we are always in the flow of both the masculine and feminine energy. Always shifting and changing. Expressing at times more of the masculine and at time more of the feminine.

There is nothing wrong with having both masculine and feminine attributes.

You can look at yourself at any given time, with any given situation and see how the balance may shift towards one or the other. What I am proposing is that you should embrace both and learn to operate in any given situation from a place of great authenticity, staying true to yourself always.

* Harnessing the masculine and feminine energy is simple but not easy….

  • Learn to work with your feelings.
  • Feelings are a beautiful expression of the feminine energy unless you attach a story to them.
  • When you attach a story to how you feel, that emotion can take over and you may get stuck.

I will give you an example.

You Wake Up And You Are Sad

You wake up in the morning and you are sad, you don’t know why. You start analyzing it, thinking about it… “Why do I feel this way?” Yesterday your husband said some unpleasant comment at dinner, you decide that’s it, that must be the reason, so when you see him in the kitchen you are not smiling, you give him a nasty look, you are sure that he is the cause of your morning mood, he responds to your mood by making another unpleasant comment, in your mind it is now confirmed, he is the cause, he just proved it right? You are now really sad. You question your relationship, “what good is it to be married to this man if this is how he treats you…” and the sadness persists…

You Wake Up And You Are Sad But …

Here is the alternative: You wake up sad. You recognize it, feel it, and sense it. You know sadness like any other emotion is energy and as such it can shift. You take a breath and let it be. You get out of bed and see your husband, he made a comment yesterday that upset you but you know he loves you. You go to him and ask for a hug, you tell him you feel sad and you don’t know why but yo think a hug would help. You get your hug, you melt into this feeling of being loved, and you are already feeling better. You smile and start your day…

When you view feelings as energy you know they will shift and change. Chameli Ardagh of the Awakening Women is a feminine embodiment practitioner and she teaches a practice she calls “Feel, Kiss, Flow.” – Feel it, kiss it, let it flow, know that you will feel differently in a moment, in an hour, in a day, it is all shifting and changing. Don’t get stuck. Don’t make a story to go with the feeling.


* Expressing masculine and feminine energy in everyday life.

Vulnerability is not a synonym for weakness.

Showing vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. It will only be interpreted as weakness if you believe it to be so. Standing on a stage to give a presentation and saying: “I am so happy to be here and I am also so nervous to be here” will actually give you great credibility. The audience knows and senses you are nervous, but as you state it so bravely and openly, you already scored a bunch of points with them. You already established a rapport. You are going to be great.

Your masculine attributes are not manly! Your analytical mind is great for organizing and prioritizing. Your strength and perseverance are greatly needed when advocating for your kids, taking care of parents or friends or when dealing with agencies and institutions.

Ambition is not a bad word.

You are allowed to have ambition and drive as you strive to achieve whatever is important to you. This could be in your private life or in the business world. You can celebrate your ambition as you wrap it in your feminine gifts of love and compassion. They are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, ambition backed with love and compassion is how women change the world.

Softness, love and compassion

These are amazingly powerful tools when dealing with the world. When you bring your soft open heart into every situation in your life, combined with the strength of your convictions, you become unstoppable.

Intuition is a gift, and don’t let anyone dismiss it. This does not mean you make all decisions in your life based on intuition. You balance this with your beautiful analytical side, but you do asian woman in lotus seat, meditating under a yin and yang symbol in the sky, balancing masculine and feminine energybalance it. If something feels completely wrong you listen and explore. You make a decision what voice to follow and you trust yourself to make the right decision.

So you see, it is simple indeed, all you need to do is stay true to yourself, do not try to be what you are not. Celebrate the fact that you are an emotional, changeable, intuitive being with amazing powers to do good in this world. Don’t hesitate to say “I am afraid” as you should not be afraid to say: “This makes me sad/angry/anxious/happy/excited…..”

As long as you stay true, and present authentically to the world, your life will align with your goals, whatever these goals may be. The goals can range from writing poetry, to raising children, to dedicating your life to the welfare of animals. Or possibly your goal is to run a business, run for president. It really does not matter. What makes a difference is how you are aligned with it.

I work with women every day to empower them, to help them express their emotions in a way that is productive for them, and live a balanced life.I use a combination of hypnosis and mindfulness practices.

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