If you want to lose weight, mindful eating is the key to success! Reflect on the times and situations throughout your day where you feel most compelled to eat.

Is it after a stressful conversation with a boss or co-worker? Is it at the end of the day when you finally have a chance to put your feet up and unwind in front of the TV? When you are eating in these moments, what are you eating? Are you grabbing quick, ready-to-eat meals and snacks, or are your meals carefully planned and prepped? Reflecting on current habits and practices is hard to do.

Maybe it is time now to skip the weight loss failures and use us.


Mindful Eating: Intuitive, Awareness, Connection

Once you become mindful and aware of the reasons that send you to eat, it then becomes possible to change your eating habits to allow for weight loss.

Our comprehensive eating plan is a system associated with mindful eating for weight loss. It works because it addresses the underlying reasons for why you may be eating, as well as acknowledging that the food choices you make may not be the clean and healthy options that truly serve you.


You may be derailing any weight loss progress you may be making, so make a decision and get the help you need.

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Shirly Gilad’s Mindful Eating System: Mindfulness, Clinical Nutrition, Behavioral Interventions and Medical Research

Mindful eating with the powerful side-effect of weight loss is not another dieting fad.

It is our mindful eating system that combines mindfulness, clinical nutrition, behavioral interventions and medical research. By addressing the underlying issues associated with your eating habits, weight loss becomes the natural result.


Change the Way You Think About Food

By changing the way you think about eating as well as your overall relationship with food transformation takes place.

Instead of just going on yet another a diet, this allows you to create a way of life and it helps guarantee your success.


Creating a New Lifestyle

Small changes in habits over time will yield big results! Recent participant in our eating program raves that they “found that this mindful approach to weight loss was a real positive way to handle food and eating. Weight loss as a byproduct of a lifestyle mindset was new to me and I found it a great influence.”

We are certain our mindful eating program can revolutionize your lifestyle and mindset, as well.

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Conscious Living and Developing Healthy Eating Habits: Cornerstone of Mindful Eating

Conscious living and developing healthy eating habits are cornerstones of the Mindful Eating for Weight Loss system.

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By actively choosing your actions and thought processes throughout your day and during meal times you will be able to set yourself up for success.

Healthy food choices and clean eating become second nature when you are able to recognize your relationship with food as well as acknowledge the triggers that compel you to eat when you are not hungry. You to choose to eat foods that support clean, healthy eating.

The interdisciplinary practice of mindful eating will support your weight loss journey and give you the tools that are essential for daily and continued success.


Say Goodbye to Feeling Defeated by Your Diet

Weight loss does not need to be a self-perpetuating cycle of agony and disappointment.

Say goodbye to the days of feeling defeated by your diet, which in turn only prompts you to eat poorly to assuage your negative emotions.


Combining Meditation, Visualization, Education and Habits

Through the combination of meditation, visualization, education and habit reversal you will be able to experience success through your lifestyle change- enjoying the weight loss that accompanies that change.

And the best part is – the weight will stay off as the underlying issues will have been addressed!


Are you ready to make a positive life change and lose the weight that has been burdening you for years?

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