Mindful Femininity

Women have been gathering since the dawn of time, sharing, laughing, crying, hugging…

We have moved away from tribal life and the extended family habitation and yet our human need for connection and real support remains.
There is an inherent gift, a medicine, in true friendship and a real, deep connection between women. This is what we are seeking when we spend this time together on Sunday afternoons.
Touch is an important part of our practices. Respectful and nourishing touch. The touch practices that we incorporate are simply a way to bring us more into our bodies. Embodiment practices teach us that feelings are an energy that we can tap into and work with. When we feel an emotion and then create a story around it we create a sticky place that is hard to undo. When we feel an emotion, and notice it in our bodies, we can move through it and emerge empowered and triumphant, celebrating our gifts in a way that trickles into our daily lives.
You will find that true spiritual work does not require being away on a five day retreat. It does not take place only when you are stepping away from the routine of your life.
The real work happens every moment of every day and is expressed in how comfortable you are with yourself and how you are with others.
Mindfulness is a way of life that extends beyond the practice of meditation. We start each gathering with a short meditation, or a movement practice, to set our intention for the circle and we spend the rest of our time touching upon issues that stem from experiences shared by all women regardless of age, color, and social status…..
When you take this time for yourself to join us in the circle, you are talking care of you. When you take care of you, you create the capacity to take care of those that depend on you. 
Come play with us. Come laugh and cry with us. You will be heard. You will be seen. You will be loved.
These gatherings are inspired by the work of Chameli Ardagh and The Awakening Women Institute.

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