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Mindfulness has become a buzzword recently, and yet mindfulness is far from a new age kind of therapy. Mindfulness is an ancient tradition stemming from the teachings of the Buddha.

What is Mindfulness?

There are many definitions of the term. To practitioners of mindfulness, it is a way of life that provides you with the awareness of both self and others, and allows you to have a perspective of events that is closest to the truth. Living mindfully means living aligned with your values, living with purpose, and finding a way to balance yourself and find happiness within the every day challenges that all of us face.

The practice of meditation as part of living a mindful life is a tool to cultivate attention and intention. This skill then permeates every aspect of our lives providing us with opportunities to respond to the things that are difficult for us rather than react.

This monthly event is part of our Mindful Support series of events designed to bring people together and create a connection. It is the first event in what is planned to be a series of mindful support groups that address different issues and topics.

stemming from the teachings of the Buddha

Every 1st Thursday of the month, right after Gentle Yoga with Lisa Ponczek, we invite you to join us for Mindful Support. This event is free to the community. Space is limited, and you must RSVP.

Let’s sit together awhile and share a meal. Bring your own lunch and your open heart and mind, and we will bring the discussion! Maybe a guided meditation as well…

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