Mindfulness And Meditation Community

mindfulness and meditation community

Welcome To Our Mindfulness and Meditation Community

It is my heart’s desire to bring accessible and affordable mindfulness and meditation to those who are interested in this path.

The practice of mindfulness and meditation has become integral to my life. The benefits that I am experiencing are tremendous and I wish them for everyone.

I had created a Facebook group called ‘Mindfulness and Meditation Community‘ ‘ to allow for private conversations in a safe environment and I invite you to join me there for live meditations and frequent discussions. Click on the FB community link and ask to join. I will approve you as soon as I see your request come in.

Mindfulness and Meditation In Your Day To Day

The morning practice sets the tone for my day but the work continues as the day progresses.

I find that by dedicating time to a mindfulness and meditation practice, I had become more and more aware of my internal environment and how my internal state influences my interactions with the world. I also learned how certain external circumstances may trigger old habits and beliefs. I have discovered many things through the process of reflection.

morning routine of mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness And Meditation Changing Weekly Schedule

Live on Facebook. Join our group!

30 minutes each time. A mindfulness moment and a guided meditation


  • Monday 6:15-6:45am
  • Wednesday 6:15-6:45am
  • Friday 6:15-6:45am

This mindfulness and meditation opportunity is my gift to you.

Mindfulness: A Template For A Meaningful Life

For many years I was looking at ways to become a better person.

I noticed behaviors in myself that I did not particularly appreciate, and I was committed to changing them. I am a yogini and I have a physical practice of asana, but I was always very curious about the philosophy part as well.

As part of my ongoing search for tools for bettering myself and living a meaningful life, I decided to take a leap and delve deep into the study of mindfulness.

Join me in this quest! Read the blog here.

mindfulness and meditation for a better life

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