National Cancer Prevention month reminds us to live clean and stay healthy

Do you know someone that had cancer? Do you know someone that has cancer? Of course you do….Support National Cancer Prevention Month!

This past week two of my friends were diagnosed with cancer. I have friends that are cancer survivors and friends that did not make it. I have many clients with cancer and I feel deeply for them and their families. Of course the best thing to do is to prevent the disease. And yes, you can live clean and still get cancer, or live “dirty” and never get it, but living clean is just good for you anyway, so you might as well get on board…

The best way to support national cancer prevention month is by living a clean life. Once you realize that the process of cancer occurs every moment of every day in everybody’s bodies, you understand that prevention is key. Living a clean life is the key to prevention.

Did you know?

The National Cancer Institute estimates that in 2016, 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 595,690 people will die from the disease. Can you even grasp the enormity of these numbers? You can see how important it is to show support during the month of February, the national cancer prevention month.

What are the basics of living a clean life?

1. Eating clean is an essential component in your support of yourself and of National Cancer Prevention Month.
Nutrition can be your medicine yet the wrong nutrition can be your poison. We are seeing more and more research that connects directly our food and our disease process. There is so much information out there on what to eat to prevent cancer. Eating to prevent cancer is a strategy we should all adopt.
So what is eating to prevent cancer? How to eat in order to support national cancer prevention month? and to be honest, every other day of the year…..

These are the main points of eating clean:

  • Concentrate on unprocessed food
  • Read on the research and how much to eat here: Limit or eliminate animal protein from your diet. Really limit.
  • Choose organic produce for the important things like green leafy vegetables and berries
  • Avoid plastic in cooking, heating and in your bottled water. Your reusable water bottle can be plastic but must be PBA free.
  • Lots and lots of vegetables, green, orange, and lots and lots of berries. Mushrooms are great as well. Just be smart about pesticides! See about organics above.Eat vegetables to prevent cancer!
  • Fiber! Which you will get if you eat this way…
  • Your water are part of your nutrition. Test it. Make sure it is OK to drink. Filter your tap water.
  • Avoid or at least seriously limit sugar. Recent research had shown direct link between cancer and sugar with a real working hypothesis on why it happens


2. Exercise and move your body to show up for National Cancer Prevention Month

Moderate exercise for 30-60 minutes, 5 times a week or more, was repeatedly shown to reduce the risk of cancer in multiple cancer types. Moderate is important here. Do not add stress to your body by overdoing it. You do not need to go overboard in order to practice prevention. Walk, cycle, swim. And enjoy yourself.

3. Manage your stress! Relax and support National Cancer Prevention Month

“The results of 165 studies indicate that stress-related psycho-social factors are associated with higher cancer incidence in initially healthy population”
There are ways to live life with less stress. Even when you think to yourself that objectively, things are very stressful, there are still ways to live better.  Meditation is one big one on that list and I am asking you to not be afraid of meditation. Everybody is capable of it. I promise.

There is more, much more, there are supplements you can take, specific habits you should give up, screenings you should consider, and I will write more about cancer and how to deal with it in future blogs. Also check out my cancer support program. It is unique and very dear to my heart. 
For now, if you could just follow the above three, actually, if you can even do one of the three, you are helping support first and foremost yourself and your own health and then of course National Cancer Prevention Month.

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