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old typewriter, written words My New Life Chapter 1, New year resolutions and how to make them workI want to give you one new perspective on New Year Resolutions and tips on how to make them work. So much has been written, blogged and spoken on this subject of new year resolutions that I really don’t see a point in repeating what was said a thousand times.

New Year Resolutions: Make Them Work!

I will focus on 3 things that are crucial for your success and one new perspective to help your resolve grow stronger.

If you read my blog on surviving the holidays then you know I think that there is absolutely no need to wait for a New Year in order to commit yourself to your goals.

You can and should commit every day and every moment.

The attitude of postponing and procrastinating brings you only frustration and suffering.  

That being said, if you are a New Year Resolution kind of a person, go for it. Resolve!


What happens with New Year resolutions and what makes them stick or not stick?

You know that many if not most people do not manage to hold on to their New Year resolution?

It is not easy to change behavior and break habits during the holidays or in the new year, it is as difficult to create new habits.  


So what do you need to do to be able to hold on to your New Year Resolutions?

#1 Plan Ahead

  • old school board, written on it My New Year Resolutions with check boxes, make a plan for your new year resolutionsDon’t make a decision on December 31st that the next morning you are going to start a major new habit or stop a bad old habit.
  • Plan for it beforehand and make sure you are ready to implement your plan. For example: let’s say you decided your New Year resolution is to join a gym. Go visit a few gyms in the weeks leading to the New Year.
  • Get recommendations from friends. Look at what is important for you in a gym. Figure it out.
  • Do you want it to have a pool since you love to swim? Do you want the place to have a juice bar because that just gets you going? If you wake up on the 1st of the year and you have no plan or no way to execute your plan, you are setting yourself up for failure. And if your New Year Resolution needs to start on January 4th, or 7th, to allow for your plan to be effective, then so be it!


#2 Make Your Goal Achievable and Reasonable

You know yourself better than anyone.

Please do not set a goal for yourself that you already know in your heart that there is no way you can stick to. It is useless and will only create disappointment and frustration.

You can aim high, as high as you want, but then break it into segments and make these steps gradual and attainable.

For example: Let’s say you decided to lose 100 lbs., your doctor recommends it and you know it is time to take charge of your health. Your resolution should reflect a gradual and consistent weight loss. We assume that you had already planned for it, as suggested in step 1. You are going to join weight watchers or possibly go for hypnosis for weight loss. You hired a personal trainer so there is a plan in place for exercise.

You are good on the plan!

You do not set your goal to lose 20 lbs. in a month. You set your goal to lose 4 lbs. in the month of January.

This is doable.

You can be successful.

You then set goals for every month after that with the understanding that your will continue your food and exercise plan.

This will work!


#3 Don’t Fall Into the All or Nothing Trap

You have made a plan and you have set a goal that is achievable.

You know you are heading towards success.

Remember, we are human, not every day is going to be a perfect day!

Make sure you do not fall into the “all or nothing” trap.

The success of your New Year resolutions, or any other resolution depends on it. If you ‘messed up’ and had a cigarette, don’t go back to being a smoker!

Recommit to your resolution right then and there.

If you got on the scale and you lost nothing this week, don’t punish/reward yourself with a big ice cream thinking to yourself “Oh, it doesn’t matter anyway …” It does matter, just recommit to your plan and stand in your resolve.

So now that you have the steps to take in order to be successful here is that new perspective I promised:


Another Perspective on New Year Resolutions:

Our success in holding on to our New Year Resolutions affects people around us in ways that we sometimes do not recognize.

Think about it, when you change a behavior or a habit, it has that ripple effect, like throwing a pebble into a quiet pond and the ripples from where the stone disturbed the water grow wider and wider…New Year Resultionas are like Droplets falling in blue water

Maybe you finally gave up sugar.

  • Now your mood is improved, your sleep is improved, and you are losing weight.
  • You are happier and calmer and as a result, it is affecting your family.
  • Your husband is happier because you are nicer to him and to the kids.
  • Your husband then goes to work and because he is happier and things at home are good, his employees are now reaping the benefits, the work environment is less stressful because their boss is calm and happy, and when each of them goes home the cycle continues …

Another example would be if you stopped smoking, and by doing that you actually prevented yourself from becoming very sick some years down the road and your children now will not have to see you ill and miserable.

  • They will not have to suffer through loss and grief.
  • You have altered their future for the better.

You catch my drift.

New Year Resolutions are not just about you.

Yes, they first and foremost need to be for yourself, but if you stop to look at how your change will affect the people that your care about, and the people that they care about, maybe it will further your resolve to embrace change once and for all!

Helping people stick to their resolutions, change their habits and improve their lives is an integral part of my practice at Integrative Hypnotherapy.

My hypnosis services include a tool box of hypnosis, behavior techniques, nutrition and more. I help people locally in my Boca Raton office and nationally and internationally using Skype.

Need help with your resolutions? Schedule your complimentary session online by clicking on the green button or just call me 561-504-6669 shirly button green

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