black clouds over water, A Personalized Hypnosis Recording For Your Transformation

Why invest in a personalized hypnosis recording?

Have you ever tried these online hypnosis recording that claim to help you to do anything? From sleeping better to losing weight to overcoming anxiety?

They often do not help very well. Do you know why?

They do not work well because you are unique and while the name of the problem you have may apply to many people, your problem has the unique flavor of you. This is the reason I offer a customized and personalized hypnosis recording.

In this research article it shows how an in person session is more effective than a generic audio, and of course when you receive your own personalized recording after an online detailed interview, you get as close to in person as you can be.

Hypnosis works and you can read more about the how and the why…

There is a way for you to make great progress in the comfort of your home with Shirly’s customized and personalized hypnosis recordings. Shirly takes her work seriously and her passion for hypnosis is great. She knows how to work with you to bring you a hypnosis product that is truly designed for you and only for you. Many practitioners claim that they customize a hypnosis recording for you while in fact they use templates with minor adjustments. Not Shirly. Shirly is dedicated to her clients and wants truly what is best for them. She creates truly unique product to answer to your life’s specific needs and goals. Simply click here and you will be directed to the next step in your transformation.

Your Mind Is Incredible!

Let me start by recognizing how incredible your mind is. Yes, your mind!

You may have a different opinion on how well your mind is operating but I know it’s true ability!

Change habits of thoughts, emotions and actions!

You may think that you have no control in certain areas of your life, that you are a slave to your bad habits, that you do not have will power? Sounds familiar? Well it is not true.

Taking charge of the mind is something that you can achieve with the right training. It is a skill that you can learn, and I am offering this training to you.

Change Your Mind Transform Your Life

To me the most important lesson that I learned from my years of experience as a holistic practitioner and a hypnotherapist is that the power of the mind is truly remarkable and that most of us live our life not realizing that we can harness the power of our mind to work for us. One way of doing this is by training your brain listening to your personalized and customized recording.

“Shirly is a compassionate and calm soul. She spoke to me before each hypnosis session so she could tailor the experience to my goal, and then sent a recording to each session so I could experience the session again and again. My goal was to quit smoking. And thanks to Shirly I am now and forever a non-smoker!” Mary Thistle

All Hypnosis Services are available as online or local hypnotherapy sessions as well.

You can also simply sign up for our Customized and personalized Hypnosis recording and get your own MP3!