Customized Hypnosis Recording

$560.00 $297.00

Take Charge Of Your Mind and Transform Your Life With a Customized and Personalized Self-Hypnosis Recording

Hypnosis is an exceptionally powerful tool for change and transformation.Often people try a generic/standard online self-hypnosis recording hoping that it will address their issue only to end up disappointed with the results.

You are unique and your needs and goals are specific to you.

There is a way for you to make great progress in the comfort of your home with Shirly’s customized and personalized self-hypnosis recordings. Shirly takes her work seriously and her passion for hypnosis is great. She knows how to work with you to bring you a hypnosis product that is truly designed for you and only for you. Many practitioners claim that they customize a hypnosis recording for you while in fact they use templates with minor adjustments. Not Shirly. Shirly is dedicated to her clients and wants truly what is best for them. She creates truly unique product to answer to your life's specific needs and goals.

(Buy with confidence! You may cancel with a full refund at any time up to 48 hours before your scheduled meeting with Shirly.)


Special pricing for a limited time

$560.00 $297.00

Business Hours

Monday 2-6, Tuesday 11-5, Wednesday 12-6, Thursday 8-12 and Saturday 11-5 EST
(Florida, USA)

One hypnosis recording size does not fit all!!

Your customized and personalized Self Hypnosis Package includes:

  • A 50 minute intake online video session (valued at $240)
  • 60 minutes script writing (valued at $160)
  • 60 minute block for recording time (valued at $160)
  • A completed 30-40 minutes MP3 delivered

Now offered for a limited time at an introductory rate of $297 instead of $560

(Online prices for personalized hypnosis recordings range from $479 to $1500)

The customized hypnosis recording process

  1. Once you have filled the consent form and paid for the package you will be directed to the scheduling page to set your 50 minutes appointment with Shirly. If you are having trouble finding a time that suits you, you can email Shirly at for more options.
  2. Your hypnosis session is an incredible opportunity to share your needs and goals. Whether it is a habit you want to let go off, a difficulty with a personal aspect of your life, a relationship issue, fears, anxiety, sadness, weight loss…. You and Shirly together determine what needs to be addressed.
  3. Next Shirly will record for you and add background music, nature sounds, and some special sound waves to increase relaxation and the effectiveness of your customized hypnosis recording.
  4. Within a week you will receive the link to download your MP3 customized hypnosis recording.
  5. Once the customized hypnosis recording was sent, you will have 7 days to review and ask for adjustments. Adjustments can be made to background music, to nature sounds and to the recorded voice volume.

No more excuses!!! You will now have your personal brain training hypnosis audio available to you any time you need it! This makes staying on track to achieving your goals so much easier.

"Shirly helped me at a point in my life where I was stuck with unwarranted anxiety.  Her recordings gave me the power to move forward. At first, I listened to them every night and found them comforting, now four months later, I still listen to them about once a week. They are relaxing and help me sleep."

JoAnne Lyons September 2019

"Shirly’s recordings helped me above and beyond my expectations. I had been struggling to overcome my fears and anxieties revolving around my daughter’s horseback riding for years. Being a Yoga and meditation teacher, I was using the tools I knew but to no avail. I knew it was time to reach out for help and Shirly knew how to specifically create recordings just for me. The immediacy of the shift was incredible. I am forever grateful."

Heather Berg September 2019

"I have had several positive experiences with Shirly’s hypnosis. After the session she sends you a recording to listen to on your own. This truly enhances the message and experience. Prior to surgery, I was extremely anxious and concerned about the outcome, particularly the pain in the aftermath. The process created ease for me both before and after. My results were remarkable. The procedure went smoothly, the pain was to a minimum and I was back on my yoga mat in two weeks. Thank you Shirly!"

Amy Appel

"I started working with Shirly close to 2 years ago and the experience has been life changing.

Each time I visit, Shirly creates a recording for me based on what I am going through at that moment and each time the recordings change and evolve to help me learn and grow. Without Shirly and my recordings, I don't know where I would be right now.
When I began, I was in a very dark place and really struggled to find peace and happiness in my life. By listening to my recordings and going in to hypnosis, meditation, and relaxation every day, I have come out of that place stronger and healthier than I ever thought I could be.
I highly recommend Shirly's program for any one struggling with any aspect of their life. I have sent friends and family to her with health issues, mental health issues, and just run of the mill, every day problems, all with positive and rapid results. She is a life saver."

Erin Feldman

$560.00 $297.00