smart goal setting is a way to make resolutions workDid you stop to think how this year is going to look for you? Read this post and learn smart goal setting to create a better life. How you set your goals makes a big difference in your ability to achieve them. What is the point in New Year resolutions if you cannot keep them?


Smart Goal Setting to Create a Better Life

If you want to bring change and transformation into your life you have to  envision what you would like your life to look like.

If you do not pause and think of this issue, then you are just going to continue exactly as is.


Five Quick Hacks to Smart Goal Setting

This may seem so simple and ‘common sense’ but did you ever sit to do this?


#1 Dedicate a Time for the Task.

A time without distractions.

This is an ongoing process so on your calendar allocate first 1-2 hours for the initial  purple box with red key. The key symbolizes the key to a good life of conscious living. Click here and take the first step.goal setting planning; and then a weekly 15 minutes to re-visit and possibly adjust.


#2 Create a list of the things that bring you joy in your current life: 

  • the “joy” list


#3 Create a list of the areas where you feel you need improvement:

  • the improvement list


#4 Look at the items that bring you joy.

See if you can expand the list or enhance the items currently there.


#5 Look at the improvement list and prioritize the items.

  • Rank as 1 is the item most crucial for your well-being, and then go down the list from there.
  • Look at the joy list and prioritize the items.
  • 1 is the area you would most like to expand.


Now take each item from the lists you created and work on it individually. Time for smart goal setting.

For each item:

  • Create a timeline: What should happen in the next week, the next month, the next year, and in 5 years, or even in 10 years.
  • For smart goal setting you must be reasonable so help yourself succeed and create realistic expectations. You are not going to lose 10 lbs in a week unless you do something that is not good for you. Be smart about your goal setting.
  • Always remember that this is work in progress; You will revisit this weekly to reevaluate and adjust.
  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself. If a week did not go as planned look at why and reset your goal. Smart goal setting requires flexibility and adaptability.
  • Be present and mindful of obstacles in your way to success and as you recognize them, incorporate them into your goals. If you see that every time you have a drink you end up eating in a manner that does not support your plan, maybe drinking should become an issue to address as you sit to think about your goal setting.


Advance Your Life

When you practice smart goal setting you are opening a door for change and transformationNew Year resolutions are a great opportunity for advancing your life. Sadly, many people fail miserably.

You can read my take on new year resolutions here

I can tell you that with smart goal setting your New Year Resolutions will be so much easier to accomplish as you renew your commitment to your goals weekly. 

It’s a great opportunity to live mindfully and consciously every moment or every day.


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