Social Distancing

This new term that has come into our lives, social distancing, it means keeping a safe space from one another, fighting together to keep ourselves and each other healthy.

We are social creatures, we crave contact. In fact human babies that are raised without sufficient human contact and loving care do not develop well both physically and emotionally. Social distancing is not natural to us.

young girl is looking out of the window, enjoying the nature, social distancing

And us as adults? We took for granted a hug, a handshake, an embrace… What a strange reality to wake up to every day. Keeping our distance. Not being able to give or receive hugs and touch. Literally staying away from one another!

How does it feel in the body, in the heart, in the mind to not have the contact that is essential to our well-being? How does social distancing show itself in your life?

It is very difficult. In fact it is a completely new paradigm of how to maintain connection with one another in a manner that supports both ourselves and those around us.


a young woman with long red hair in front of her laptop, taking a selfie, social distancing

What Can You Do?

I invite you to become creative in how you stay in touch.

We may complain about technology and how it took over our lives, how kids are constantly on their devices, but now we are faced with a time when technology has incredible benefits.

  • If you think of someone, call them.
  • If they have a smart phone, use the video feature.
  • If you have a service you can offer online, make it happen.

You can even go old school: How about sending real letters? Why not?

Maybe this is the time to connect with people you have not talked to for a while…

Possibly re-kindle friendships that you neglected because of lack of time, and how life happened, because of a silly argument…

Notice Your Internal Conversation Regarding Social Distancing

What is it that you are feeling during this difficult time?

Is there a voice in your head that tells you that people do not care?

Attaching to the Negative

Make sure to remind yourself that in times like this the mind tends to attach to the negative. It means well. It want to protect you from harm and yet this way of thinking is not what you want or need at this time.

Protecting Ourselves

We know it is much more than just the social distancing issue. There is a threat on our health and on our way of life. This is very challenging. Our system: mind, body, spirit goes into a protective mode. Notice that and remind yourself to take good care of you.


red fresh rose in vase, social distancing

How do you further support yourself?

For each of us it may look differently….

  • For some dancing is the way to connect to their happy place.
  • Others turn to art.
  • The practice of meditation, a reflection practice, has been for me the guiding light to a good place in my heart.
  • Walking the dogs.
  • A beautiful flower arrangement
  • Sitting outside if possible….