Choose This Healthy Habit And Transform Your Life

The number one healthy habit is mindfulnessIf you could choose just one healthy habit, what should that habit it be? When you take a look at your life and make a conscious decision to live a healthier and happier life you may feel that the task is simply too much for you to handle. There are too many things you would like to change and because there are so many you may find it easier to just give up all together.

How can you tackle so many goals? Where do you even start?

Well, you start by bringing in just one healthy habit. The habit of mindfulness.

When you adopt this one crucial healthy habit everything else just falls into place.

Bring the habit of mindfulness into your life and see how all other habits transform for you.

So what is the healthy habit of mindfulness?

  • Staying present and aware is the key.
  • Recognizing whatever it is that rises in you and shifting it.

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Let’s look at different scenarios……

You are driving to an appointment and you hit traffic on the highway. It literally slows to a standstill. You can feel the tension building up inside of you. You are growing more and more anxious. Now you notice how uncomfortable you are feeling. You mindfully take 3 slow deep breaths. Calmly you call and let the office or person know you are running late. You put some great music on the radio or you use the time to focus on your breath and practice noticing the different sensations in your body as you relax each part from head to toes. You get to the appointment late yet calm. It goes well. You feel good ab out yourself and how you handled things.

What would the alternative be?

Getting angrier and angrier. Maybe trying to cut and drive on the shoulder? Getting to your meeting irritated and flustered and having a terrible time because you are so riled up. How would that serve you? How is this outcome beneficial?

Practicing mindfulness applies to any situation in your life. Very often as you incorporate it into your life you find that everything changes. One healthy habit that creates a cascade of events leading to multiple healthy habits.

Another scenario:

You know that person that pushes your buttons? Usually it is someone close to you. A call is coming in and it is her/him. You notice your body tensing up, your heart rate maybe going up. Aware and present you take a few deep breaths and only answer the phone when you feel calm, when you feel you can authentically project understanding and compassion. The call goes well. You feel you are communicating effectively and when you end the call you feel satisfied and content. The day continues better and Because you mindfully managed your emotions and stress and remained calm, you can easily proceed to the next task at hand still calm and focused.

And the alternative? An unpleasant phone conversation that left you angry and frustrated. Your mood is ruined. You are upset and so you go to the pantry and grab the box of cookies you swore you would not touch. 4 Mindfulness is the one healthy habit that you needcookies later you feel disgusted with yourself and miserable because processed foods and sugar just make you feel like crap. You leave the house to pick your kid from school and you are in a foul mood so when your child gets into the car and says what you feel is the wrong thing you yell at the kid only to feel even more disgusted with yourself and guilty.

Terrible, right?

But it did not happen. You prevented all this from taking place by using your number one healthy habit. Mindfulness.

Mindfulness has become a buzz word yet it truly is a miraculous way to transform your mind and change your life.

One healthy habit that is pivotal to bringing change into every aspect of your life.

I created a process I call mindful hypnosis that is very effective. Training your subconscious mind in hypnosis while we work with your conscious mind using mindfulness practices.

Transform Your Mind to Change Your life.

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