There is a secret to surviving the holidays. I want to share this with you and you can actually tell everybody. Listen carefully because this is simply an incredible life changing and behavior altering strategy to help you surviving the holiday and bring back life quality. When you adopt it, you find that you do amazingly well; during this holiday season and every day for the rest of your life! Here goes: all you need to do is remember that your life starts right now.

Surviving the Holidays: So, When Does Your Life Begin?

I have news for you, life does not begin after the holidays, or on January 1st, or right after you come back from vacation.

No, it starts right now!

And that means that whatever you were thinking that you need to start doing after the holidays, or on January 1st, or when you come back from vacation, you actually need to do it right now.


This is key for surviving the holidays and for doing well always.  

Pause for a moment and be honest with yourself.

Look at your list, imaginary or real, and say to yourself: “What am I waiting for?”

Postponing is only going to make things more difficult.

You know it will.


Let’s Say You Decided to Do XYZ as Your New Year Resolution.

Example: Start Eating Better

Now, you know that you mind is tricky, it tells you that since you are making this future commitment to eat well, now you can just go all out and be as “bad” as you want to be …

So you eat and drink and overdo it in a major way and when the time comes for the famous New Year Resolution, you are so much worse off with so much more work to do.

And anyway, you know that diets do not work.

You can read all about it in my blog on dieting.

I know it seems radical but it honestly does not have to be this way. Mindful Eating is based on the Buddhist concept of mindfulness. Mindfulness provides the tool for increased awareness, and therefore an increased ability to make wise choices, as well as greatly enhanced self-control. The weight loss support groups for Mindful Eating are the best way to lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

This all or nothing attitude gets people in trouble all the time. You see it often when people try to stop a bad habit.


Example: Stop Smoking

Smoking is a good example of that.

So Jim who decided to quit smoking ‘fell off the wagon’ and lit a cigarette.

Now his mind goes: “OK, you already failed so what is the point? Might as well finish the pack and tomorrow start fresh”.

Well, 20 cigarettes later and poor Jim is struggling terribly that next day, going through withdrawal and feeling defeated and miserable.

Had he smoked only that one cigarette and committed right there and then to quitting the habit, it would have been easier and certainly more beneficial to his health.

He forgot that life started again, right there and then.

Hypnosis to quit smoking has great success rate by the way.


Surviving the Holidays is Possible!

I think you get my point. It is that old saying: “Why postpone for tomorrow what you can do today?”

Well why?

You know why, you have this idea in your mind that somehow you will be more ready tomorrow for whatever it is that you need to do, but I have news for you, tomorrow is just another day and I think we can agree that tomorrow may even be more difficult than today.


Well, You Got to Live a Little

People say to me all the time: “well, you got to live a little…” and usually they mean by that that every once in a while you should be able to eat that cake or have that drink, And I agree, with emphasis on ‘a little’.

There is no harm in some celebration during the holiday season or at any point in your life.

But when you use this as an excuse for treating your body and your mind with disrespect than you have a problem.

  • Have a small piece of pie, have a glass of wine, eat that dish that is traditional in your family. But eat one Latke and not ten, drink a small eggnog and enjoy every sip, and if you know that you cannot stop at that one Latke, or that one drink, then don’t have it.
  • Be good to yourself.
  • Surviving the holidays is indeed possible. The bottom line is that you need to treat yourself with respect and love. And if you are committed to that than you know, your life starts now.
  • What is it that you want your life to look like? Once you have that vision, why postpone it?

In my practice for Hypnosis in Boca Raton I see people all year long that are making a commitment to improve their lives.

Some come for very specific problems such as Colitis or Cancer, some come because they would like to increase their success and we do it by using packages such as Hypnosis for confidence or Hypnosis for stress or any other of the many hypnosis services I offer.


My Life Begins Now

Whatever the reason for their visit, they are making a commitment right there and then to improve their lives.

They are not waiting for next week or next year, and neither should you.

If you take on this strategy: My life begins now!

Everything falls into place.

You can survive this holiday season remembering your first commitment is to love and respect yourself.

From that place of love and respect for yourself you can then venture into the world, doing what is good for you and what is good for others.

Finding a balance between giving and receiving. This time of the year is for many a difficult time emotionally.


Sometimes … Surviving the Holidays Can Be Tough.

Family and traditions can bring about old wounds and hurts as well as joy and happiness.

Often it can be a combination of the two.

santa claus holding Jewish menorah, Surviving the holidays with simple strategy

The stress of the holiday season is emotional, physical and often financial. Let me tell you again, it does.

Maybe this holiday season you miss a loved one you had to say goodby to. The stress of the holiday season is emotional, physical and often financial.

Let me tell you again, it does not have to be. You can overcome the holiday stress! Whatever changes you are planning to implement for the next holiday season, Implement them now.

Maybe you no longer go to Aunt Jackqueline’s party since it always ends with you being miserable. Possibly you go and volunteer this season, help feed the homeless because this is something you always wanted to do…

So now, remember this: Your life starts right now.

You have a commitment to live your best life.


Of course, sometimes it is difficult to do it by yourself. I am here to help. I work with my clients in my office or over Skype You can click on the purple button to schedule your 30 minutes complimentary phone consult.