WLet the past go and transform your beliefs and habitse all carry with us a set of beliefs that we picked up along the way, often sometime in our childhood. There is a movie script that goes in our minds. It may say: “I am a coward”, or “I cannot do this or that thing”. These beliefs are limiting us. They set the tone for every aspect of our lives and very often we don’t even recognize them for what they are. We are so used to that voice that speak in our minds that voice that says the same thing, that voice we have lived with for so long that we are convinced it is the truth.


Collecting Beliefs as You Get Older…

But is it the truth? How do we know?

We can tell when we start reflecting and bringing awareness into our lives. Noticing our thoughts and emotions as observers rather than active participants. Beliefs drive emotions and emotions drive out thoughts.

We are constantly busy explaining to ourselves why we feel a certain way.


How to Set Yourself Free From Limiting Beliefs

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Video #1: Set Yourself Free From Limiting Beliefs


The Personal Belief I “Collected”

I’ll tell you a personal story to illustrate how kids with their magical thinking get stuck in an alternative reality sometimes for the rest of their adult life.

For years, as an adult, I was walking around with a feeling that there is something I did wrong.

That somehow, I am going to be found out and that people will recognize I am not what I pretend to be. Such a terribleAdopting beliefs feeling and I did not do anything wrong.

What I Explored During A Hypnosis Session …

During a hypnosis session I was taken back to a childhood event. I remembered it consciously but never made the connection. The event is not important. What was important was the realization of what caused this belief.  

I was raised as a boy, I was dressed as a male, and spoken to as if I was the first born, the first grandson.

Everybody in the family was in on it.

I am not sure why they did it and it is also not important.

When I was 11 or twelve my parents took me to the far east. At the airport in Nepal security stopped us after passport control. They were upset that a boy came into the country on a girl’s passport. I was found out. The embarrassment was immense.

When we got back to Israel I was at an age that hiding my femininity was no longer possible. I rebelled and I thought I fixed it.


I Am Not Who I Pretend To Be

In retrospect, I can see that I carried that belief, that inner knowing that I am not who I pretend to be with me, despite the fact that I was now the girl I was always meant to be.

My story may seem like  a dramatic story but kids make these magical connections from events that to the adults in their lives seem very minor.

A comment that the math teacher uttered can have a child believe forever that they simply are horrible at math. And of course, that is what they become, horrible at math.

A look of reproach from a relative the child admired when they were singing or dancing may send them to the wall during every dance for the rest of their lives. I can give endless examples but you get what I say. You have experienced something similar in your life.


Video #2: Set Yourself Free From Limiting Beliefs


Setting Yourself Free

So what to do? How can you set yourself free? What options do you have to remove the beliefs that are limiting you? Do you know how to change the habits of the mind?

Take these steps and set yourself free:

  1. Taking time for reflection. Standing as an observer and looking for patterns in beliefs, habits, thoughts and emotions. What are you attracted to? Do you know what you avoid? Which situations cause you suffering?
  2. A way to help you do this is to journal daily about the challenges and the rewards and see what repeats itself. What makes you happy? Do you realize why you are sad sometimes? What makes you angry or resentful? Are there specific situations that lift your spirit?
  3. Ask yourself this question: This makes me feel like I am….. And record your answers.
  4. This is crucial. You must know that it is always you in there. So how come external circumstances can affect your responses? Are you a different person because someone said a harsh word? Are you a different person if someone paid you a compliment? The answer is no. You are you always.
  5. Stay with the realization that you are always you and notice what you collected over the years. How do you speak to yourself? What is the conversation that goes on in your mind and how does it affect you?
  6. And finally transform this. You brought reflection and now awareness and it is time to simply be. Recognizing you are wonderful and perfect in your imperfections, and letting go of the beliefs you collected over the years. It is time to live life to the fullest.

Of course. If you need help I am here for you.


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