Mindfulness Training: Mindfulness Programs for Individuals and Groups

Mindfulness Training: A Way to Live Your Best Life

There are many mindfulness programs and mindfulness courses out there. Our mindfulness training focuses on all aspects of living a mindful life. From the practice of meditation, to the core values that a person chooses to live by, paving the way to the manner in which the practice of mindfulness extends into relationships, work achievements, and genuine happiness.

I am a certified mindfulness teacher trained by the Mindful Life Program, Co-Founded by John Bruna and Mark Molony. This is a comprehensive mindfulness program that integrates the four key areas of mindfulness – attention, wisdom, values, and an open heart – allowing for transformation.

The Foundations Mindfulness Training Course combines the practice of meditation and the practical application of mindfulness in daily life. Our goal is to help you to live your life with attention and intention, cultivating the skills that empower you to make healthy choices that are in alignment with your values and are meaningful to you. The course is designed to be practical, universal and very accessible, allowing anyone, with or without a background in mindfulness to participate. Everyone can benefit from mindfulness, regardless of their cultural, economic or spiritual background.


How Is This Mindfulness Training Different?

The Foundations of Mindfulness Training Course is much more than a mindfulness meditation course, it is an intensive mindfulness program that integrates four key areas of mindfulness:

Attention– Developing attention skills through meditation training.

Wisdom – Understanding one’s biases, labeling, projection and pre-judgment. Increasing emotional intelligence and learning to respond rather than react.

Values – Living a meaningful life. Developing healthy habits and responses that are in alignment with one’s personal values.

Open heart – Developing healthy relationships and connections. Cultivating skills of compassion, loving-kindness, empathic joy and equanimity.

In order to live a meaningful life with attention and intention, developing the freedom to live consciously, the curriculum focuses on training the mind and cultivating the ability to make healthy choices that are beneficial to the life you want to live. This course consists of lecture, meditation, small group discussion, journaling, and short video presentations. Our teachers create a safe environment for participants to explore their own values and learn to apply practices to live in alignment with them.

Enrollment includes:

  • 18-20 hours of engaging in-person class
  • Foundations Course Companion Journal
  • Downloadable guided meditations
  • Daily practice guide

The mindfulness training program is offered to groups as well as individuals.


Basics of Mindfulness Course: Personal Sessions or Bring Your Friends and Create Your Private Group

This is an 8 week program. Eight 120 minute sessions, and the fee is $1800 to be paid in 3 installments $600 each. The cost of this program remains $1800 for up to 4 people. Bring your friends and lets get started.

  • Meditation Instruction and practice
  • Mindfulness tools for every day life
  • Living life with attention and intention
  • Creating a daily practice that supports your goals
  • Exploring true happiness and how to achieve it
  • Taking charge of that overactive mind
  • Moving from reaction to response
  • Developing healthy empathy and compassion