Hypnosis Services by Integrative Hypnotherapy Boca Raton

At Hypnosis and Mindfulness with Shirly Gilad of Boca Raton, I offer local, national and international services for a wide array of issues. You can come see me at the office or you can get most of my services through Skype.

The hypnosis services provided include not only hypnotherapy but also mindfulness, nutritional education, behavioral interventions and homeopathy. The unique package of services provides our clients with a comprehensive plan to help them improve in all areas of their lives. Imagine going to only one place to receive such a comprehensive plan for your emotional, mental, and physical health. It is truly wonderful.

My client Marci says it for me: “I needed someone to view me as a whole, physically, mentally and spiritually. Shirly Gilad encouraged my self-discovery. Through her multi-faceted approach to working with me mind, body, and spirit, she has helped me to feel empowered to make the changes necessary to move forward in my healing process. Finding Shirly has helped me find myself”.

Fees for Services:

  • The Initial: Transform Your Mind with Hypnosis Package:

All Clients begin their partnership with me with the Transform Your Mind package. The package includes: Three double session of one hour and 45 minutes each. Two customized self-hypnosis recordings 30-40 minutes each. Nutrition and homeopathic education if applicable. Mindfulness tools and practices.

The cost for the Initial Transform Your Mind Package is $900. This fee covers about 9-10 hours of my time.

All immediate family members of existing clients are entitled to a 20% discount on this package.

  • Follow up hypnosis sessions.

All sessions following the initial package are billed at $240 per session and reflect a 20% discount per session. A new recording is included in the session price when applicable.

  • Mindful Eating for Weight Loss One on One Sessions

This is a 6 week program. Six 60 minute sessions and the fee is $900

  • Mindful Eating for Weight Loss Group Sessions

• Mindful Eating instruction and practice
• Visualization
• Transforming emotional eating to healthy living
• Nutritional education and the latest research
• Mindfulness and Behavioral Tools for everyday success
• Weekly guided meditation and 4 meditation downloads
• NLP and other techniques for habit reversal

6 weekly sessions of 75 minutes Total cost $240

  • Groups: six and eight week long workshops.

These multi week group meetings are a total cost of $240 for all 6-8 sessions.

  • One time events have different costs and the fees can be found under each event in the event tab.

Using a diverse set of tools and a highly personalized approach I offer mindful hypnosis services in many areas:

Hypnosis services by Integrative Hypnotherapy Boca Raton

Call to schedule your complimentary phone consult:(561) 504-6669
Or go here to schedule online:shirly button

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"......Shirly incorporates her unique background together with the process of hypnotherapy that provides a blended, integrative approach that is unparalleled. It’s so highly effective that healers seek her services out to heal! You will be happy you sought out her services. I know I am…and I do this for a living!"

Keli Raymond, clinical and interpersonal hypnotherapist

Degrees and Certifications

Masters in Clinical Nutrition Degree, Shirly Gilad, founder of Integrative Hypnotherapy Boca RatonFamily Nurse Practitioner Degree, Pace University New York - Shirly Gilad, founder of Integrative Hypnotherapy Boca RatonBoard Certified Behavior Analyst Certification Penn State, Shirly Gilad, founder of Integrative Hypnotherapy Boca RatonPast Life Regression Therapy Certification by Dr Brian Weiss, The Weiss Institute, Shirly Gilad, founder of Integrative Hypnotherapy Boca RatonClinical Hypnotherapist Certification. Shirly Gilad founder Integrative Hypnotherapy

Organizations and Memberships

member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Shirly Gilad, founder of Integrative Hypnotherapy Boca Raton
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Shirly Gilad, founder of Integrative Hypnotherapy Boca Raton

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Shirly Gilad, owner of Integrative Hypnotherapy Boca Raton and Holistic Center of Boca Raton, specializing in hypnotherapy for all your needs
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