Past Life Regression Hypnosis in Boca Raton, South Florida

*Past Life Regression is NOT offered as a ‘stand-alone’ service. It can be part of the three session package.

What is past life regression hypnosis?

Past life regression hypnosis is believed to be the journey into past lives or previous incarnations. This is done while in a hypnotic state, under the guidance of a qualified hypnotherapist. While many people believe in past lives, some are very skeptical. The door to these past lives resides in the subconscious mind. This is the area of the brain that becomes accessible to you under hypnosis. By going into the state of relaxation and hypnosis you are rewarded with a great opportunity for ‘time travel’.

We know that a memory is a combination of the facts, our perceptions of those facts, and the influence of time and other people on what we may have considered facts… How often did you have someone say to you: “I don’t remember it happening that way?” They were there but their memory of that same event is a reflection of their perception and beliefs. These memories or recollection are yours and they can serve to help you gain a deeper understanding of patterns that you repeat in your life that do not serve you.

While at the Omega Institute training with Dr. Brian Weiss, a young woman asked me to help guide her to a past life regression in order to understand her fear. This is what she recently wrote me:

Professional training with Dr Brian Weiss in past life regression

Shirly, I wanted to tell you that today I went to have a bunch of titers done today for my medical school health forms. I have never been able to get my blood drawn without FREAKING out, having anxiety attacks, hyperventilating, and having someone from my family chaperone me through the whole experience. Today I had about a pint’s worth of blood taken without an ounce of fear or worry. I went to the doctor’s office by myself while my parents were both at work and not around to come save me if I would have needed it. I sat in the waiting room, reading a food magazine like a normal person. And I calmly had my blood drawn without any fear. I just want to reiterate my immeasurable gratitude for the peace you have helped me find by eliminating this phobia. With Love and Thanks.”

You can read more of her story and other stories in my blog on Past Life Regression.

I had my own experiences with past life regression hypnosis and found these experiences amazing and illuminating. I cannot explain the incredibly vivid memories that came to me and it really does not matter. I feel I benefited greatly from these adventures. When you come see me for hypnosis services at Hypnosis and Mindfulness with Shirly Gilad, you can experience this and benefit as well.

Why go for past life regression hypnosis?

People come for past life regression hypnosis for many reasons. Some are just curious to see what would come up for them. They are intrigued by the concept and want to experience it for themselves.

Others come because they feel there is something in their lives that is haunting them or influencing them and they cannot explain what it is. They have a sense that this something that they cannot put their finger on is buried deep in their subconscious and they want to find out what it is and ‘fix’ it.

Some clients do not have any intention of having a past life experience yet while they are in trance, memories of a different time surface. They feel it is them but they may be a different gender, look very different, and have a completely different life story.

“Patañjali, the Indian sage, that wrote the yoga sutras, called the process of past-life regression prati-prasav (literally “reverse birthing”), and saw it as addressing current problems through memories of past lives“.

The true way to benefit from past life regression hypnosis is by using what comes up during the session to resolve issues that pertain to your current life.

I help you make the connections between the memories that come up to your current life situation. Together we work to resolve any issues in the ‘past’ that affect your present and your future. Your subconscious mind will bring up whatever it is that needs to be worked on, or addressed. We will listen and do the work together.

Unlike some of the other services I offer, past life regression hypnosis is only available at my local office in Boca Raton, South Florida.

Are you ready to explore? Ready to put your past behind you and move forward?

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The Mindful Hypnosis package includes: Three double hypnosis session of one hour and 45 minutes each. Two customized self-hypnosis recordings 30-40 minutes each. Nutrition and homeopathic education if applicable. Mindfulness tools and practices.

After a conversation with me we determine the best way for me to help you. You then fill the required forms sent to you and I schedule you. The three hypnosis sessions take place over 3-5 weeks and allow for a process of transformation to take place.

Your investment for the Initial Transform Your Mind Package is $990.

All immediate family members of existing clients are entitled to a 20% discount on this package.

Any follow up mindful hypnosis session after the initial package are discounted 20% and are $264.

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